Where is Vlad the Dragon, the Impaler Lord?

In light of the horrific and brutal attack on the french newspaper Charlie Hebdo and its journalists, along with two police officers, it’s a harsh, but fair question. Islamic extremists, reprehensible, despiccable and worthless representatives of a seemingly ever growing trend, has carried out an attack on one of the most basic pillars of western, civilized, modern and progressive society – the freedom of speech and the right to express opinions, be they controversial or not.

For those who managed to miss it: Today, at least two terrorists (and this time, that word is justified, as it rarely is, these days) carried out an attack on the french newspaper and controversial publisher “Charlie Hebdo”, perhaps best known internationally for their engagement in the “muhammed cartoon” controversies since 2005. Since that time and to the present, the magazine has published several caricatures and drawings of “the prophet”, and their locales were firebombed in 2011. Today, 10 journalists and the editor in chief, as well as two french police officers, were gunned down by at least two terrorists.

According to witnesses, the terrorists identified themselves as being affiliated with Al’Qaida, and were shouting “Allahu akbar” while slaughtering innocent civilians, police and journalists.

Where is Vlad Dracul, the Dragon, the Impaler Lord?

Revenge is a poison, fit only for fools and madmen, someone once said. Then again, who, in his right mind, can with any certainty claim to be sane?

Vlad Dracul, Dracula, drove the Ottoman empire, a Sunni Islamic state, back from Europe, following in his father’s footsteps from the Order of the Dragon. He impaled them, and the Ottoman hordes afforded him the nickname the Impaler Lord, when they encounterd his “forests of impaled” soldiers and representatives of the ominous enemy threatening Europe and Christianity. But who is going to drive the enemy out this time?

The world is different than it was in the times of Vlad Dracul, and the enemy isn’t as clear anymore. What is clear, is that radical islamists are among us, hiding in plain sight more often than not, and there are more of them than anyone would like to admit. While Brigitte Gabriel might not be someone to follow blindly, she strikes with terrific precision in this video, illustrating perfectly why the need to curb islam and radical islamists, the terrorists and vile dogs that they are, before they can even begin to peck away at the very foundations of western society.

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that there are good muslims. Productive and upstanding citizens of any society, but the percentage of muslims who support Sharia laws, the use of extreme violence against civilians in order to “protect islam” and other ancient, outdated and despiccable practices are staggering. Even if we still boil it down (to a level far below what Gabriel claims), an estimated ~8% of muslims are radical and potentially militant, supporting, amongst other things, the use of suicide bombings and attacks against civilians. For thos who think that is a low number, look at it this way: that is a potential army 96 million strong. The largest standing army in the world is the Chinese (no surprise there), with almost 2,4 million personell. The potential number of militant islamists dwarf even the Chinese standing army.

The US military, by the way, has a mere 1,369 million personell…

So where, indeed, is Vlad the Dragon?

The question of security is never far from our minds, and the need for it is even greater than ever. The minute we stop feeling secure, is the minute we need to take measures to restore that, and it’s not a government’s intervention we need.

Focusing on our own security, and our individual responsibility to take action to preserve, shape, restore and protect the kind of society we want, has been languishing long enough. Those who won’t take some responsibility for their own society and their own security, no matter who is threatening it, certainly has lost the right to attack those who pull their own weight. That goes both for all of us “civilians”, as well as the people we’ve chosen to lead us.

A mere 5-600 years ago, someone certainly knew how to drive back the seemingly unstoppable onslaught of the islamic state, and while the forests of impaled might not be a good method today, there is certainly a need for a strong an passionate leader of the struggle against islamic terrorism, extremism and low, cowardly behavior. Any muslim, radical, militant or supporting of such things, should be very aware that such tactics will never be accepted, and that their goals will never be achieved.

Religious warfare in our time?

It would be a mistake to think that islam is the only religion capable of military struggle, tactics and warfare. The catholic church, at least as large and with at least as many followers as islam, has a long history of suddenly turning to mobilizing its followers to war, forming massive and irrefutable forces and campaigns against its enemies, real or preceived. It’s a dangerous road, but judging from earler times, it has certainly already been discussed in the grave hallways of the catholic strongholds already.

But where would that leave us? Safer, more secure, better, happier, more productive? Almost certainly not. However, where, if not there, are the terrorist attacks on western society leading us? Should it happen, it would certainly be on the heads of the terrorists like the ones we saw in France today. No one else.

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  1. Things to think about…

    1. French gohst ops leading 1st gulf conflict, possibly present in second gulf war from very early stage, I hhaven’t researched that, revenge attack maybe?

    2. I wouldn’t think they would employ their own however it would not be too much of a stretch of logic and reason to suspect mossad had something to do with this, Israel have the most to gain from these events

    3. Can’t rule out Russian support either maybe retaliation. the mh flight that was shot down over Ukraine is to them a suspect American action, Putin couldn’t be that stupid. Maybe he could…

    No better time to be prepared and look after your own, where ever you live…

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