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The NY Daily News is running a story about an admittedly tasteless and somewhat irresponsible iPhone accessory these days – the iPhone gun case. Shaped to be realistically similar to a gun, the case has a grip and a trigger, and it comes with an app which will project a barrel onto the screen of the phone. Nifty, some would say, and at the very least, one would have to admit that it’s inventive. But there’s a downside…

It will get you killed.

Not-guns kill. Apparently.

Now, how can an iPhone accessory get you killed, would be a logical question here. Well, nerves are strained with the NYPD, amongst other PDs because of the accessory, which they say will endanger “both the lives of those who carry it and the police officers whose job it is to rid the street of illegal guns.” Now, the latter isn’t very likely, since this isn’t a real gun, and so will never fire anything at anyone. Police officers who see this, especially US police forces, will apparently not investigate to see if this is a real firearm before opening fire of their own.

It seems that the “danger” this thing will pose to police officers, is the infamous cross fire they themselves often create. In all fairness, that’s not the iPhone accessory’s fault – that’s the result of bad, lazy training and inept police officers.

Being fired upon by police officers is a real and present danger for anyone living in the US these days, whether they carry this iPhone accessory or not. As one NY youth puts it; “And the NYPD would, of course, take action first without waiting for you to explain.” – Ka Ren Liu, 17

As we’ve also previously written about, police versus citizen relations in the US has reached a point where “innocent until proven guilty” has no meaning anymore, and citizens must take precautions against being assaulted, manhandled and murdered by the very people who have “sworn” to protect them. The police is far too preoccupied by the need to protect themselves to protect anyone else, and the vast number of military trained personell in the police forces is a clear danger, since such training is overwhelmingly likely to leave the imprint that everyone not in uniform or the same uniform as the officer, is an enemy.

In fact, this essentially harmless iPhone accessory would be a valuable tool in combating frivolous shooting by US police officers, since they would actually have to check and see if what they think is a gun, is a gun. Though the innocent lives lost in that process would probably never be worth the learning experience.

“The money that is earned from the sale of this case is blood money earned from the blood of the person who is foolish enough to carry it,” said Patrick Lynch, president of the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association.

Actually, it isn’t. That blood is on the hands of the police officers who shot someone without checking or verifying that they were carrying a real gun, instead of a squirt gun, a picture of a gun, or indeed, this iPhone case.

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  1. Holy cripes that thing is the worst most retarded idea ever. Lets cut the police out of the equation and you’ve got ccw behind you in a gas station at 4am and receieve a call. Hows that cool device looking now?
    Walking down an ally and that guy in the shadows see’s this in your waistband, maybe not get raped tonight.

    Essentially very iffy and situationally stuipd, get a real gun or movie to a city that lets you.

    1. The unfortunate truth is that you’re both right and wrong. Those of us who were born more than a couple of decades ago remember a far freer world than the one we’ve got today. You could actually walk down the street with your cap gun in your hand w/o fear of being gunned down by cops. Kids and young people would play “guns” in the woods or in the neighborhood, fool around and the local cops would be friends, neighbors, helpers.

      Today, there are still an army of good cops, but they’ve become a silent army, too afraid to do anything about the bad ones. And so, children are dying because good men (and women) do nothing. A toy (which this is) shouldn’t get you killed by trembling children in uniforms.

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