Up Your Security 5 – Security Smart, or Just Paranoid?

The foremost goal of living things is to survive. Well, as long as they’re sentient enough to have that thought in a brain of come kind. This goes for humans as well, of course. The vast majority of us will fight to stay alive, if something is threatening that condition. We face dangers every day – some of them we’re aware of, some of them not, but they’re out there no matter what we do.

Many experts have said over the years that the most dangerous animal of all is man, and we’re inclined to agree. Aside from the risk of falling down some stairs or being run down by some drunk driver, people who want to hurt you for personal gain is perhaps the most dangerous thing out there.

Staying Safe, while Staying Sane

There’s no need to be paranoid – let’s get that out there right away. Most people are very decent people, and aren’t out to get you, hurt you, harm you, steal from you or do anything else that is unpleasant to you. Not all unknown cars rolling down the block is someone staking out your property to find the best time to burglarize it, and that guy on the corner is probably only programming his playlist on his phone, exactly what it looks like.

It doesn’t hurt to be prepared, however. So we’ll talk about that.

We’ve covered a few things in installment 1 through 4 of this series, and we’ll keep coming back with more, but we thought it might be prudent to point out a few things. We do get a few questions about our how-to’s and guides, and while most questions are practical in nature, from individuals wanting some clarification or elaboration, we also get comments and emails that ask us if all this isn’t just being paranoid.

There is a big difference between being aware, being prepared, and being paranoid, and the first two is what you should aim for. You shouldn’t lock yourself in your house and never come out, and you shouldn’t be overly suspicious of everyone you come in contact with. Taking the right precautions can save you in a pinch, but overdoing it might actually put you more at risk.

Be aware of your surroundings and your own home and workplace. Unusual things or people or situations can be a threat to you, but there’s no need to run and hide. Fear is as much a danger to you as the things you’re afraid of.

– Be prepared to meet the things that you’re afraid of, be it a burglar or an earthquake. Read up on what you should have at home in an emergency, and ways to secure your home while you’re not there, or sleeping, for instance.

 – Take precautions, but don’t go overboard. You don’t have to wear your bicycle helmet inside, and you don’t need to dress up like a SWAT team to go out and get your morning paper, or morning coffee.

The point of security is living more, not less, and that should be the backdrop for any safety and security measures you take in your day-to-day dealings with the world.

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