Someone comes a-knockin’…

A real estate agent was robbed in his home the other day. He opened the door when the doorbell rang, and there they were.
Okay…so not his fault, right? Right. Could he have done anything to stop it? Probably. Not then and there, of course – if you’re held at gunpoint (or “knifepoint”, really), you’d better do what the man (or woman) says, or you’ll likely die. And no one wants that (usually).
Police at robbery site
Police at robbery site
So what could he have done? Well, first of all, paid attention to this site. We’ve got a lot of tips for doors, surveillance, security…and what not. A clue in this case would have been to look through the peephole. But whatebver – our thoughts are with the guy’s kids, mostly. Let’s hope they avoid scarring. They won’t of course, but hoping never hurt anyone.

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  1. A BIG fat thank you to the socialists in AP/SV(ik) for all the great multikulturalism Norway has been blessed with the last years.

    When I was a kid, robbery and murder was rare. Now it is has become so common it is hardly news anymore.

    It would help if the police actually dared to give a description of the criminals. We know they were not norwegian, but were they white, pakistanis, somalis or what?

  2. The animals is from East-Europe, real Euro-trash that smels like cadavers.
    The kind that sell their sisters to brothels and pisses in your sofa, if you invites them to dinner. We’re Really realy talking about TRASH People.

  3. Let’s hope they “visit” Jens and Storberget next time.
    It’s probably the only way to make them realise how big traitors they have been.

  4. Yowza. A lot of strong feelings on this subject, I see…
    Let’s just specify that not all people from Eastern Europe smell like cadavers, will piss in your sofa or sell your sister. Though some of them will, but that probably goes for people from everywhere…

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