Security Cameras

Security cameras come in all shapes and sizes, from the tiniest, hidden cameras, to large, multi mode and controlled cameras, capable of seeing in the dark or IR, and Pan/Tilt/Zoom controlled security cameras – also know as “PTZ” security cameras or “dome” cameras, in some instances. Dome security cameras also come without the PTZ functionality, so be aware if you’re out to purchase one.

Security cameras are designed to operate in a security environment, i.e. to watch over someone or something, be it a person, animal or place, or simply something valuable. Most security cameras are designed to either be tamper resistant, or hidden. Hidden cameras are mostly used in private residences, since many jurisdictions have regulations against using such security cameras in public places or in places where people work. That doesn’t negate the fact that hidden cameras are becoming more and more common, especially since the technology behind and in them is becoming cheaper and cheaper, while at the same time more and more advanced. Where you would previously need a rather large and obtrusive camera to capture high quality images, that same result can be had with cameras no larger than a button. One look at the back (or front) of your smart phone will let you know just how small a modern security camera can be.

Basically, there are only a few categories of security cameras. We’ll take a quick look.0

  • Professional PTZ cameras. Controllable, often multi mode cameras, with networking capabilities and high resolution.
  • Dome cameras (some have PTZ capabilities) are tamper resistant cameras encased in a glass/plexi glass dome. Popular for outdoor use.
  • Private/personal cameras. Cheaper systems, but often equipped with IP capabilities, to let you watch your house/car/dog over the internet.
  • Hidden cameras. Small, cheap to very expensive security camera systems, designed to be hidden. Often used in private homes, to monitor everything from cars to nannies.

Setting up your own security camera is neither hard nor necessarily expensive, and with the massive range and variation that can be had, there is usually a solution available for most needs. The benefits of having a security layer in your house based on technology, cameras and electronic surveillance is unquestionable, and like the motto of this site says, that kind of security measures are now available to everyone.

We’ve written extensively about home security on this site, and if you’re interested in learning more about home security cameras, or you’ve a business that needs surveillance equipment, you’ve come to the right place. Check out our home security category, or send us an email, and we’ve got answers to most of the security questions you can think of.

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