Recently, we were accused of being “liberal”, by one of our subscribers who then promptly left our mailing list in a bit of a huff. He was fiercely outraged about it, apparently. While it’s the absolute first time we’ve ever been called “librals”, there might be something in that. We believe in, and we’ve advocated even from the start, security for everyone, not just a lock-down in order to preserve the status quo or to control innocent people. That’s why we ran the post on when you can defend yourself against rogue cops, and that’s why we’re running this post today.

NYPD detains 1800 people every day in their stop-and-frisk agenda. Many of them are detained and searched without warrant and/or reasonable, clear suspicion. This is something even NYPD officers are beginning to speak out against, putting pressure on the city’s government to do something about the problem. Everyone (not just NYC citizens) should watch the video below. It’s kinda important.

 Check out the Take Action here, and the The Nation article here.

Here’s the point: Police and security personnel are supposed to work for the citizens, for society and law, values and standards. We should police the police and security, but we shouldn’t strictly have to. So that’s why we’re going out one a limb, risking people thinking that we’re…. liberals! 

Police being hated by the citizens for cracking down on innocent people is a sure fire recipe for disaster – it will inevitably lead to resistance, escalate to riots and even war between citizens and police. And that is bound to end badly for everyone. Take Action, people.


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