How to Hide From CCTV Cameras

There are a lot of guides out on the internet on how to mask yourself from CCTV cameras, and we’ve tried to collect some of the best information out there, and added some of our own to the pile. The result? A pretty long page, with everything you need to keep out of view from prying eyes everywhere.

CCTV cameras are an important tool in security, and in law enforcement for that matter, but many, us included, feel that the use of CCTV cameras is becoming a little bit too wide spread, and that not enough good judgement is used in placing and using them. Too many people have access to CCTV cameras in public places, and too many cameras usually leads to nothing but confusion.

That’s also why we’ve decided to shed a little light on the vulnerabilities of cameras, how to disable them (fairly easily), and what you can do to keep your face off the countless DVRs that are out there.

Take a look. You won’t be sorry. 

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