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In addition to this page, please read our “About” page. Guest posting is a good way to promote your brand, your site, your cause and whatever else you might feel like promoting. We also like guest post because they lower our own workload, they provide good content for our site, and – the main reason – good guest posts inform our visitors about security, and give them the answers they’re looking for.

Since we do get a few submissions, there has to be a few, simple rules attached. That’s just the way the world works. So here they are.

Guest Posting Guidelines:

  • Always attach your finished post to your inquiry email. We probably won’t answer a “Can I guest post?” email.
  • Stay on topic, and stay on tone with the rest of the site. We’ll know it if you haven’t read any of the other posts.
  • Be personal, be slightly humorous if that’s in your repertoire, and never talk down to our readers and visitors.


Guest posts must be 500 words or more. This is both for SEO reasons (good content, good links, good viability), and because expressing anything useful in less than that is very hard. If you can’t push your post past that, then you should probably rethink your message and/or topic.


Security is a wide topic, but we’re not looking for general guides and oversimplified statements. Pick a narrow topic within security and run with that. For example; instead of “Why you need to prioritize home security”, go with “The 5 best ways to (cheaply) secure your windows”, or “3 new ways to keep tabs on your car – at all times”. You get the idea.

If you’re more into commentary than list posts, we’re fine with that too – but follow the same rules. You need to pick a narrow topic and present it with a little zest and humor.


You should place 2 links to your own site in the text. It’s up to you if they’re in the bio or elsewhere, but they need to be there. Also, they need to be on topic. That means that they have to be relevant to both your site and this one.

Banned topics / links:

None, really, as long as you’re writing about security. However, we will generally not accept any more articles promoting ADT, since search engines are beginning to see them as spam and low quality links. That will not promote your site or ours, and so they’re useless. In addition, those articles are mostly written by SEO imps who do it for the money, and who have no experience in real security.

We will not link to spam sites. We will not link to SEO sites. We will not link to outdated sites or sites who promote any kind of racism or hate speak. No exceptions. That said, we do firmly believe in free speech, and our limits are pretty wide.


Why was my article rejected?

There are many reasons why we might not publish your article. Here are some of the most regularly occurring problems:

  • The article was too short.
  • The article was not on topic.
  • The article was from an SEO spammer.
  • The article was too general, and pretty much useless.
  • The article was incorrect or outdated or similar problem.

Usually, we’ll tell you what the problem was, but we make no promises.

Where to submit?

Send your article as a .doc or RTF document to .

One of our admins/contributors/editors will look at it as soon as possible.

8 Replies to “Guest Posting at SnallaBolaget”

  1. Hi there,

    I am just wondering if you still accept guest post on your site or blog? Is it still the same guidelines?
    Do you allow links inside the main article?
    Is there a fee that I need to pay?
    Please let me know …

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