About GPS-tracking Your Car (and redKnows)

redKnows Minifinder

Those of us who’ve had a car stolen (or more, for that matter) knows the frustration that comes with it, the hassle, and in some cases, the heartbreak. In most cases, the cops won’t lift many fingers to help you either – at least not actively. It’s just too much of a resource drain to try and track down every stolen car. Your only chance, really, is that they happen upon it by accident.

That’s not very likely, however. In most cases, your car will be stripped down within a day or so. Stereo, fancy rims, engine perhaps, that fancy exhaust kit you had custom made by some mandrel-bending maniac, custom seats, etc. etc. etc. will be gone with the wind, resold to sometimes unsuspecting, sometimes unscrupulous buyers somewhere down the line.

So what can you do to avoid the pain and heartbreak of having your relationship with your precious car so suddenly ripped away from you?

GPS tracking. It’s the only way.

There are a few solutions out there, mostly expensive, subscription based stuff that will drain your wallet faster than the rising gas prices. We’ve looked and looked however, because we knew that there had to be an alternative, and after days of searching online, and a few more days trawling retailers for those elusive little kits, we’ve come up with a viable alternative.

Take a peek at the redKnows MiniFinder. This little thing (it’s about the size of a fat hip flask) will chat it up with satellites, find out where it is and then send all that info in a text with a neat little map link to your phone. Excellent. It’s set up to use regular SIM-cards (a prepaid one is ideal) and has the option of hooking up an external GSM-antenna, just in case that ideal installation location isn’t all that satellite friendly.

A little list of specs;

An alarm is activated if the property is:
– moved (geofence)
– disturbed (vibration)
– low on battery
– battery is disconnected

– Precise GPS-location on map, sent to your mobile phone
– SOS function by remote control
– Very user friendly product & easy to use
– Quick do-it-yourself installation
– No additional costs, except for SMS-traffic

And here’s what’s in the box:

MiniFinder Tracking device with:
– GPS antenna, built-in
– GSM antenna, built-in
– Internal battery (approx. 35 h)
Remote controller, 1 pc
Charger, 230 V
Cable set for external power supply (1,4 m)

Mounting + screws

Manual in English

With this thing in your car (preferably hidden, connected to constant current, with a GPS antenna for that added effect) you’ll only have to decide between two things if your car gets stolen;

Call the cops… or go find the car yourself. We know quite a few guys (and gals) who would easily opt for the latter…

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