Choosing a Home Security System Provider

While the market might be dominated by a few major home security system providers, there are still thousands of smaller ones out there to choose from. Determining which one will serve you and your home security plan the best isn’t always easy, but we’ve come up with a few things that you should look at before making your final decision.

Where do you live?

Choosing a local company isn’t always the best route, but it can have its definite upsides. A local company often cares more – hell, the CEO might be your neighbor, which is a good way of getting around customer service waiting times… A local company is often more aware of local issues, local troubles and problem areas than a huge and distant company. On the other hand, before choosing a local home security system provider, make sure you check out their financial health and the status of their guards, their training and their systems – when it comes to home security, you just can’t leave anything to chance.

Searching the web for local home security system provider based close to you is a good start – check out online reviews for the home security system providers you’ve blinked out, and see what others have to say. When you’ve done that, come tell us as well – we’re always interested in knowing about the myriad of security companies out there.

What do you need?

Decide if you ned a full guard service or not, whether or not you need a new alarm system, or if you’d like a security consultant to make a security survey for you and a risk assessment. Many home security system providers have these services, and if they don’t then that’s a red flag for you. If they’re not professional enough to offer professional services, then you should probably look elsewhere.

Many home security system providers offer everything from a security survey to consultants, technicians and guards – pick a company that can tailor a plan specifically for you, and make your decision based on that. Any home security system provider that you consider should be able to take the time to meet with you, discuss your needs and check out your home, for that matter. Take a peek at this list as well – it’s another good starter list for you.

Add-ons and Extras?

Most home security system providers will make sure you’ve got your basics covered in their starter packages, but there are always extras and add-ons which you should consider. Fire alarms, smoke detectors, flood lights, basic lights with motion sensors are just a few of the useful things which can be hooked up to modern systems. Also, would you want cameras with that? Maybe an in-house DVR so you can check your recordings yourself? Different home security system providers have different ideas and packages, but like we’ve already said – you should have them tailor one to your specific needs, no matter what they tell you.

That includes all the bells and whistles – home security system providers will be more than keen to sell you stuff you don’t really need, so it’s important that you keep a cool head and don’t let them scare you into bigger packages than you need. Take a cool look at your home security system before you go shopping, with our home security survey – take a sneak peek right here.

Taking home security and screening home security system providers seriously is the first commandment of any security survey. If you need help with yours, leave us a comment or send us an email! Snä is your first stop for real home security.

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