3 Best Security Kindle Books!

Amazon.com has a catalogue of books unlike any other, and that goes for their selection on security. There’s everything from white papers to insanely expensive textbooks and university publications, so who’s got the time to sift through to the good stuff?

Well… we do, apparently. We’ve put together a list of our favorite security books, available on the Kindle. Don’t have a Kindle? That’s no problem, actually. All Kindle books can be read on your iPad, your iPod or your iPhone, and even on your PC or Mac. Added to that, Kindle editions are usually way, way cheaper than printed editions, you can search them, save bookmarks and continue from the same page even if you put the book away for weeks. Amazon also has a lending program if you shell out a few bucks for their Prime program. So what are you waiting for?

Best Security Textbooks

Introduction to Security, 9th Edition

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been working in security for a decade, or for the last 10 minutes. This book should be in every security professional’s library, whether it’s in hardcover or on your Kindle or iPad. Clear, concise and reliable, with easy explanation of everything from basic fences to advanced planning of security systems and models, with examples and images. We’ve got this one, and we’ve got the 8th edition, and they’re both in almost daily use.

9th Edition

Take a look at the book here. (It’s even available for rent, at about half the price)

Introduction to Security has been the leading text on private security for over thirty years. Celebrated for its balanced and professional approach, this new edition gives future security professionals a broad, solid base that prepares them to serve in a variety of positions in a growing field that is immune to outsourcing. Former and current members of the military, as well as works displaced by disappearing jobs, can all benefit from reading this book. The author team as well as an outstanding group of subject-matter experts combine knowledge and experience to create content geared to experiential learning. As a recommended title for security certifications, it is a crucial resource for working professionals, and is also used as a core security textbook in universities throughout the country. This is Butterworth-Heinemann’s best-selling security text of all time, an essential reference for all security professionals.

Effective Security Management, 5th Edition

What? Management? Well, yes. Even if you’re not in any kind of even remotely management position, this is definitely a security book you’ll want to take a look at. Security management is much more than the dry, usual management style books – this will help you understand basic security planning, understand why your boss does what he does, and sill definitely be a big help if you’re ever tempted to try and “climb the ladder”, either in the company you’re working for now, in a future company, or in a company all of your own.

Management indeed.

Effective Security Management, Fifth Edition teaches practicing security professionals how to build their careers by mastering the fundamentals of good management. Charles Sennewald brings a time-tested blend of common sense, wisdom, and humor to this best-selling introduction to workplace dynamics. Working with a team of sterling contributors endowed with cutting-edge technological expertise, the book presents the most accurately balanced picture of a security manager’s duties. Its Jackass Management cartoons also wittily illustrate the array of pitfalls a new manager must learn to avoid in order to lead effectively.

Oh, and there are cartoons. We forgot about those.

Protection of Assets

The PoA line from ASIS Internationalis your one stop shop for everything about security. Being the number one authority when it comes to certification of security professionals, ASIS has a word in whenever anything happens in the security field, and the PoA textbooks are a must have for anyone who wants to go anywhere in security.

Protection of Assets

There’s one caveat, however, and that is that these things are expensive. Very expensive. That shouldn’t really stop you, however, since they’re worth every single penny. If you can’t afford the books right now, start saving up – they’re also mandatory reading if you ever want to get board certified, something that is getting more and more important to employers of security people all over the world. And we’re not even exaggerating.

This comprehensive source covers all aspects of physical security systems, design, analysis, and implementation from the functions of deterrence, detection, delay, and response. Many accompanying illustrations include diagrams, schematics, charts, and tables to enhance the text.

This volume was written, edited, and peer-reviewed by veteran security subject matter experts. Anyone with an assets protection responsibility will find the information in this book invaluable.

Get it. Now.