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There’s no denying it; we write about some strange and unusual things on this site. One of our most popular (and best, if we may say so ourselves) pages here is all about how you can become a mercenary. We outline the bet ways to go about preparing for a life as a soldier of fortune, and we strongly believe that there’s still both a need and a market for mercenaries. The form they take is something that should be regulated and controlled, of course, but there’s no denying that the basic attractions of adventure and a life outside of society is a great motivation.

That said, we have a warning for those of you who would like to try your luck.

  • DO NOT post your email address publicly in comment sections.
  • DO NOT post your telephone number in public comment sections.
  • DO NOT post your name or address in public comment sections.

We have seen several instances of people claiming to be recruiters for PMCs, gathering this information for possible nefarious use.

IF YOU ARE A LEGITIMATE RECRUITER, looking for prospects among the (many qualified) people who read and comment here, send an email to contact@snallabolaget.com. We will review your information, and refer interested parties to you.

IF YOU ARE LOOKING TO BECOME A MERCENARY, send your resume to contact@snallabolaget.com, and we will forward it to any legitimate recruiters we have on file.

Understanding the risks you take when posting your personal information online is vital. In some cases, simply doing that will disqualify you in the eyes of PMCs.

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