A US Embassy has been the target of attack again.

War is one thing. If one goes to war one has to expect resistance and losses. It is, however, a sign that these attackers lack all sense of decency, conscience and respect for anything but their own powerthirst, or anyone but themselves.

They are the low point of humanity. No wait, I take that back. They are the lowest form of life on Earth. They’re not even human f***ing beings! Nothing but unorganized grabasstic pieces of amphibian shit! That’s what I meant. Thanks, Gunny.




  1. […] MS remarks on the apparent “craziness” of Dutch security to let “someone” (apparently he means olive-skinned handsome guys) come that close to the Queen, who was also in attendance. He remarks that “security is virtually non existant”, which is in itself a funny way of seeing things. How does he know? Doesn’t he realize that security is more than checkpoints and uniforms? Apparently not. And again… what does this have to do with remembering 9/11? Nothing that we can see, at least. Again, it’s the personal complaint of MS that security measures inconvenience him. And his wife. His kids probably don’t give a sh!t. […]


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