Up Your Security 4 – Be Your Own SWAT-team

Okay, so before you run out to get a shield, a helmet and big, crazy guns – hear us out.

Be Your Own SWAT-team

This is more about what the letters really stand for: Special Weapons And Tactics. Like we said in installment number 3, most people are absolutely too complacent about personal security and home security, even though just a few simple steps can make for a much safer and more comfortable environment. It doesn’t have to cost anything, either!

So how can a SWAT-team mentality help you?


“Stand out”, as it were, from the crowd by actually caring about, and doing something about your own security. Check out our other home security tips, and take action on the things that apply to you. This is important, because criminals will go after the easiest target. Why try to break into your home, when the neighbor’s door or window will take less effort and less time?


We’re not talking guns and grenades here. Your weapon is yourself (yes, we know that sounds a little insufferable), and the things you do to safeguard your home and family – and yourself. Be aware of your surroundings and make sure you’re actually ready when something happens. Have your emergency supplies ready – maybe you even want to make a panic room or your own shelter, or you may even want to get  a gun, if you can get a permit and some training in how to use it. Make your home safer by changing your doors to something better than that flimsy old thing that’s there now – something with a steel core, for example? Very hard to get through, and feels good too.


Well… that’s just an “and”. We’ve got nothing, really…


The tactics you’re going to use are simple: be ready, be prepared, know your surroundings and don’t assume. Those are the errors that most people are guilty of making when it comes to home security, by doing the exact opposite. Making sure you’ve got those 4 things covered, however, will be what sets your tactics apart from most other people, and put you in the SWAT category.

Doing daily home patrols, having the supplies you need and having secured your home makes it all the less likely that something is going to happen to you, your family or your property, and when it’s close to free as well, it’s definitely worth it.

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