Ticket Sharks, Mega Mosques and Presidents – and a new category!

While president Obama faces hard choices and tough criticism about NYC’s new mosque, the world goes on. 
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The ticket sharks formerly known as “Euroteam” aren’t the only ones peddling tickets and restricted information. An employee at FIFA has apparently put the security of 60.000 people at risk, selling their personal information on the black market, in what seems to be a very needless endeavor to boost their income. Among the victims are several authority figures in Europe, such as the head of Norway’s national bank, and a former PM of Sweden.

In other news, scientists are looking for life on Mars – on Spitsbergen. Looks like a lot of fun, at least. Longyearbyen (Long year city) is base of operations, while the area around what is known as New Alesund is proclaimed to look a lot like Mars. Go figure. The Earth and Planetary Exploration Services has an interesting homepage too…

Wikileaks is in the wind again, after announcing that they’re going to publish the 15.000 documents they’ve been sitting on, in a two week time frame. That’s bound to raise some eyebrows, as if they weren’t high enough already. Time will tell what shows up, but Wikileaks are adamant that they will not bow to pressure, and that sensitive info like names of coalition supporters will be removed from the docs before publication.

The TSA is something we just can’t get enough of. Check out their latest blunder, and the need for accuracy which is sorely lacking these days, also the latest body scanner revelation from the US Marshals Service… it’s interesting stuff, actually.

We here at SnallaBolaget have added a new category to the site that will soon be filled with glorious Product Reviews, incidentally also the name of the new category. Be prepared to find tips on everything from tactical gear to home improvement tips (in the security category, of course) to DIY armoring of your car… sounds exciting, doesn’t it? We thought so too. We started out with a review of 5.11’s nice cold weather Tactical Sleet boots. Also, in the near future you might even end up seeing some of our stuff on Technorati, and BlogCritics as usual.

Lastly… we’d just like to mention that the IT security guy (“guru”, they call him) from BT still has nothing more interesting to say than this.

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