The TSA is Scared of Silly Things (12 photos)

The TSA is scared of a lot of things. You knew that. We thought we’d show you a few of the silly things that scared them of late. Why? Because we all need a laugh now and then, and who better to laugh at than the TSA.

Remember, kids: if we don’t laugh at them, the TSA wins. And nobody wants that.

Clean water? Not on our watch, buddy!
Christmas lights... Uh, no. Because Santa's dead.
Tiny knife in icky food or potpourri. Very dangerous.
Gas...okay. But the cardboard and the plastic tube??
Your shoes are too fancy. I'll have to cut them now.
Drugs. Wait... the TSA isn't supposed to look for...
It's a pen? It's a key chain! No... inert wha...?
Hollow book w/stuff we're not supposed to look for? GET IT!
I said; Where did you HIDE THE MUSKET, sir??
More stuff we're not authorized to look for. Better confiscate it.
Because art might incite the masses! Kill It!
Because fast-moving air is a plane's worst enemy. Apparently.

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