The fortress of the home is never more protected than when you are employing both high and lo-tech techniques to secure its walls and doors, its places and spaces, in every way. In order to utilize tools to stand guard on your home – so that you may enjoy a moment’s peace and quiet without worrying over having to watch your windows night and day – you must first begin by understanding what within your home you want to protect. It’s not just your valuables, as some home owners might think – locks on their important documents, precious jewelry, and other treasures squirreled away in a fireproof safe in the basement. It’s about yourself and your family, pets or other living creatures you may have guardianship over, and the structure and soundness of your home itself.

The security of your home is based on the large and small ways that you choose to safeguard your personal space, and the non electronic methods that you protect your house are just as critical, if not more so, than all the high tech alarm systems and alert devices that you can afford. Here are some of the most effective ways that you can secure your home well without utilizing modern communications technology or electricity of any kind.

  • Break-ins are often the number one threat to the security of your home. Steel rods or steel bolts are your best bet when reinforcing windows, as they can be installed easily and fit snugly into a window frame while still allowing air flow and some flexibility. Deadlocks and deadbolts are a good bet as far as a non electronic method goes for protecting your house. Cylinder, double, and tubular deadlocks are all a superb method of ensuring that your door puts up more than a fight when an intruder tries to make their way in. Should you decide to install one, a deadlock or a deadbolt will be the non electronic preventative medicine to the alarm system that is the treatment for the problem of a break-in, if you will.
  • Solar powered LED lights are another excellent non electronic way of securing your home, while simultaneously conserving energy by deriving power from the sun. Lights can make a big difference when it comes to intimidating strangers who may be tempted to break in to the house under the blanket of protective darkness, and LED lights will cost you next to nothing to keep running.
  • Another smart effort you can make on behalf of your own home is to make sure to fool any potential hazardous people to your property by avoiding routines, making sure that there is a neighbor looking out for your house if you happen to go on vacation for a few days, and also by making sure that no matter whether you are at home or not, your mail is picked up and some key props moved around your house so that it appears as if the place is at least occupied. For instance, ask a neighbor or close by friend to move your vehicle in and out of the driveway every so often, turn some lights on and off, or move some lawn furniture around so that your house doesn’t look abandoned and vulnerable the moment that you go away on vacation.

The peace of mind that taking some of these precautions will bring you is immeasurable in the grand scheme of caring for your home and ensuring that both your family and all of your belongings are out of harm’s way. Electronic protection can only go so far when providing you with real security, and many homeowners find that taking these steel-and-bolts types of measures to protect your home can make the difference between a safe and at risk property.

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