Working out always sounds so easy when you look at those late-night “infomercials” on the TV, but when it comes to actually doing some of it, then it’s a whole other deal. Finding the time, finding the place, and in most cases; finding the money to join a gym more often than not (’cause most people don’t have all that stuff at home..) and getting over the mental blocks most of us have against inflicting pain on ourselves.

So why? You’ll feel better. You’ll be healthier, you’ll live longer. Nice, huh? The best part though? You’ll look better. Which means you’ll feel better about that too, and other people will feel better about you too. Which leads to, you know… them putting out more. Which is nice, too. This is why we’ve got 5 exercises for you that will get you quick results (well, relatively…) and which you can actually do while you’re on the job, without a bunch of expensive machines and stuff. Let’s go?

Yep, let’s go.

5: Hand Job

Handjobs. For everyone. All the time!

Not really. But getting a couple of these things and squeezing them ’till you feel it is a very good thing. You know, one of the things that most girls agree makes for a more attractive guy is good looking arms. If you’ve never used one of those hand exercise thingies before, you might think they only work on your hands, but that’s not true. This is one of the easiest ways to give your forearms a workout, which is actually a very hard thing to do.

Here’s a little tip for the ladies out there: these will work wonders for you too! Remember, strong is the new skinny, if we’re to believe the internet hype (in this case, the internet hype is right!), and personally, we think girls with a little definition trumps just about anything else. Go for it.

4: Kettlebell Fun

Teh Sh!t. For realz.

We’re not going to underline the “fun” part too much, because, as we said, inflicting pain on oneself is not really classified as such in our books. But, having a small to medium sized kettlebell in your locker at work can work wonders for a whole bunch of body parts. Arms, back… your gut, for that matter, can all be “enhanced” by the simple use of a kettlebell.

By the way, have you ever seen one of those guys with huge biceps and the backside of their arms (where the triceps are) look like they’re 12 years old? Yeah… that’s because working out the triceps aren’t as easy as working out the biceps. However, with a nice kettlebell, you can do just that, and get better back muscles and better triceps, so you don’t wind up looking like one of those guys we point and laugh at. Check out what the TacFit guys do. They’re worth it.

3: Good ‘ol PushUps

Wait, wait, wait! It’s not what you think?

Actually, it is. Second on the list with a lot of chicks are pecs. Those’re your boob muscles, dude. They like’em when they show (and when they won’t jiggle…unless you’re a girl). Push-ups aren’t as har as you think, and you can pretty much squeeze in a set or two of 5-10 just about anywhere you are.  Do this:

Put your feet up on a chair and put your hands on the floor. Like you’re planking, only different. Your hands should be placed a little wider than your chest – this will make sure you work out your chest more than your arms, which is the goal with this. For your arms, you’ve already got the kettlebells, plus the next two bullets on this most awesome list… 😉

Push up from the floor until your arms are straight and your face is red. That just means it’s working. Repeat 5-10 time per set, and in an 8-hour set, you should be able to squeeze in at least 3 or 4 those, right? Right. Get to it.

2 & 1

Don't do the upside down thing. It's bound to kill you some day.

Two in one?? Sweet!

These two can be a little hard to pull off, depending on where you are, but with a little imagination, anything is possible, right? Make your own pull-up bar. It doesn’t really matter what you use, as long as it can take your weight without either spilling you or breaking. Tip from the coach: Do not use sprinkler system pipes. It’s just not a good idea.

Suggestion: Use straps made for securing computers when they’re hanging under the desk. You’ve probably seen those things. They’re surprisingly strong, and can support about 100 pounds each. Hang’em from a roof beam, and pull yourself up. You can choose if you want to put a bar between them or not – having two loops will actually work more muscles, but it’s harder.

Pull yourself up first, hold, and pull your legs up to your chest after you. Chances are, if you’re not used to working out, that this is going to be impossible to pull (pardon the pun) off at first, but don’t despair, and keep trying. The satisfaction when you get your chin up over the level of your hands for the first time is priceless.

So why is this 2-in-1? Because you’ll work your back, your arms and your six-pack, all in one. So it’s actually 3-in-1, but we thought that was overselling it a bit.

See? You don’t need a gym. Or more time. Or…whatnot. Get ripped on the company dime! Hellz yeah!


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