Sources: Several countries considering travel warning to US over police violence |

Sources say that several countries are planning to issue travel warnings to its citizens, warning them against travel to and in the USA, due to the extreme amount of police related violence and unrest caused by law enforcement actions. Statistics from recent years show that police in the US have killed thousands of people, where a large number of those killed have been unarmed and not a threat.

While the list of countries planning to issue travel warnings is still unclear, sources say it consists of mainly major European countries. Whether the EU itself will involve itself in the issuing of such warnings is unclear, though it would be highly unlikely that a central EU decision would contradict such an action by member countries. A travel warning issued by the EU to reinforce those from member countries would be a more likely scenario, placing travel, tourism and hospitality services in the US in a grave financial situation.

Travel from Europe makes up a significant portion of high value tourism to the US, and a dip in those numbers would place several hospitality and travel groups at risk, along with job security and financial standing for those who work there.

A travel warning to the US would be an unprecedented step for any European country, signalling that the violent form of policing that have grown in the US over the last decades have reached a point where it can no longer be tolerated. Normal training time for European police officers is 3 years, including humanities and varied tactics and theories, resulting in a bachelor’s degree in criminology or policing, while US police officers regularly receive only weeks or a few months worth of training, focusing mainly on firearms training.

This article will be updated as new information comes in.

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