Security Guard – Variations and Classifications

General Information about these pages.

One of the most difficult and mundane tasks a security guard faces on a near-daily basis is handling the general misunderstanding, underestimation and belittling that occurs every day when facing and dealing with the general public.
In trying to raise the public’s awareness of security concerns, Snälla Bolaget has decided to list a few definitions and classifications of the various breeds of security guards, along with some general job descriptions and responsibilities.

We should emphasize that these variations and descriptions do not pretend to list all the different tasks a security guard can or will encounter – it is meant as a general guide to promote public understanding of who and what they are dealing with when encountering a guard of any sort.

Below are 12 different types of security position any guard can have – with each comes different training, different tasks and responsibilities. We will try to list most of them.

When encountering a security guard, we advise everyone to be careful and courteous. Time and place matters little – the fact is that security guards have extended powers, as the representatives of the owners of whichever place you encounter them in, they have all the rights to that place that you possess to your own property. This means that they can order you to leave, or if you have trespassed or committed some other offense in their area of responsibility, detain you until police arrives. This includes restraining you in whatever way necessary.
On the other hand, a security guard will have extensive knowledge in first aid, first hand knowledge of the building or area that you are in, and can help you with almost anything. Treated with due respect and attention, the security guard will be your best friend.

Variations and Classifications.

  1. Security Officer
  2. Security Supervisor
  3. Energy Services Security Officer
  4. Receptionist Officer
  5. Fire Inspector
  6. Armed Security Officer
  7. Alarm Technician
  8. Mobile/Patrol (STS) Officer
  9. Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Officer
  10. Security Specialty Position
  11. Site Coordinator/Supervisor
  12. Usher