Police forces in Oslo, Norway have been battling growing riots in the city over past week. Palestinian youth have created chaos in the city centre, smashing windows, attacking police and innocent civilians while trying to prevent pro-Israel groups from expressing their constitutional right to speak and hold rallies of their own. Representatives of the Palestinian groups have even, after arranging their own protests and rallies, gone out in media and proclaimed that pro-Israel groups’ judgement was follied when they arranged such “provocative” rallies.

It is to be said here that the pro-Israel rally was peaceful and with no tendency towards violence at all.

Palestinian supporters have so far used small children as shields, managed to use 12 to 13-year olds as “hunters” to find Jews to attack, vandalized the Freemasons building, broken hundreds of windows, vandalized McDonald’s restaurants and other shops, and a politician in the Justice Commitee has had the poor judgment to say that the police have been aggressive in their handling of the situation.

Some say a “youth-war” is imminent, and with the latest developments, such a scenario, with religion at its base is far from unlikely.


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