Arfan Bhatti, the first person to be tried on the terrorist laws in Norway (he was declared not guilty of terrorism, eventually) is out of jail. And then he somehow failed to adhere to his daily mandatory check-in with the cops, and back in jail he went. Now he’s out. Again. The Norwegian version of the NSA, the PST, admits that the arrest and imprisonment of the terrorist-alleged was a show of force against him, to make sure he stays on the straight and narrow (which he most likely won’t, don’t you know it), at least in the eight weeks he has to check in daily.

The PST, of course, is in its full rights to do this, and even though it might have been unfortunate that his lawyer apparently found out about the latest arrest through PST’s Twitter page, that still doesn’t change the facts.

Arfan Bhatti is most certainly a dangerous and unstable individual, having fired a barrage of rounds at a jewish place of worship, and plotted to bomb the US Embassy in Norway’s capital Oslo. He has no business being out on the streets among law abiding citizens, and every one of these “shows of force” is wholeheartedly supported by


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  1. Show of force? Shame on you, you silly twat! Who the fuck are you to play god? Stop sharing your senseless INstable thoughts and opinions and get a fuckin’ life. This whole trial has been one big embarresment for the PST, – and easygoing scapegoathunting people like you are really pissing me off! In fact, it is people like you who should (well in your own words, then): adhere to daily mandatory check-in with the cops! Shame on YOU! WANKER! lacking serious response you say? The only Kudos you’ll recieve will come from cunts and other neo-Nazi gloryhunters…like you! God forgive your ignorance!

    • Wow…that was…enlightening?
      Your comment sorta sounds like the stuff you get when you run a piece of text through those “automatic raging angry answer” programs. Which is to say, I can’t make heads or tails of it.
      Fun though!

      Damn…where are all the other noe-nazi gloryhunters already…we we’re supposed to go out together and share our INstable thoughts with eachother…

  2. Don’t mind Crystal Goldblum. Those Norwegians get pretty defensive when people point out stupid decisions that the PST makes – like knowingly set a terrorist free.


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