Well, that is still up for debate. What has been established, however, is that thieves do not like people who watch kiddieporn (that’s child

Kraig Stockard of Delhi, California

pornography, if that wasn’t clear enough).

A couple of burglars who broke in, stole bunch of – what they thought were blank – CD-ROMs from some random barn in California, turned the owner of the barn in to the cops when they discovered that the barn owner had stored his stash of child pornography on the discs.

From CNN:

(CNN) — A central California man has been arrested for possession of child pornography, thanks to a tip from burglars who robbed the man’s property, authorities said.

Last month, a juvenile and a 19-year-old illegally accessed the property of Kraig Stockard, 54, of Delhi, California, according to a statement from Deputy Tom MacKenzie of the Merced County Sheriff’s Department. They broke into Stockard’s barn and stole about 50 CDs they believed were blank.

Stockard filed a police report on the incident on September 12, according to MacKenzie.

But the young people who stole the CDs were in for a surprise. When they began putting the discs into their computer, they discovered that some of them contained pornographic images of children, the statement said.

The police apparently approved of the method, because the burglars have not been arrested. Rightly so, some would say.

Further, from CNN:

Investigators said Stockard has been downloading indecent images of children since 2004. He has admitted possessing the pornography on the CDs but has refused to say whether there is pornography on the computers, they said. Stockard was booked for possession of child pornography and posted $25,000 bail.

The two burglar suspects who reported Stockard have not been arrested.

Their case has been sent to the Merced County District Attorney’s Office for review. When reached for comment, a press officer told CNN the office could not comment on the case because one of the informants in question is a juvenile.


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