Murder; start early to get it right?

An 11 year old boy has been charged with the murder of his father’s 26-year old 8 months pregnant girlfriend.
Apparently, and for unknown reasons thus far, the boy shot the woman in her bed, at point blank range, and then the body was found by the victim’s daughter, who alerted the gardner? Well, some landscaping workers anyway, who then called police.

Kenzie Marie Houk, murder victim
Kenzie Marie Houk, murder victi


According to Lawrence county (PA) DA Bongivengo, the boy will be tried as an adult, since anyone over 10 years of age who commits murder in the state will be considered as such.

Now, there will of course be a lot of hoorah around this, but perhaps the main question is not why – there are a million possible reasons – but how. How is it still possible for an 11 year old to get to a gun, has the father and the family learned nothing from previous years’ events with young children and guns, the thousands of accidents every year, and the laws governing the ownership and keeping of a firearm?

A simple gun storage case, cabinet or locker could have prevented this tragedy.

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