Lies – How to Spot Them and Defeat Them

Lies are always – well, nearly always – something we want to avoid, and find out if someone is applying one to us. While this is possible, it’s rarely easy if the person lying is fairly good at it, but detecting and deterring lies, as well as making someone tell the truth is far from impossible.

We’ve written up a short guide to how the pros find out if people are lying or not – click this link to go to our dedicated page.

We have to warn you, though – applying the techniques in here may lead to you finding out things that you would rather have been oblivious about. We’re just saying.

Having the ability to detect and deter lies is a powerful thing. you will need to study it and train it, but when you have it down, it will enable you to gain insight into other people’s minds, and use the information there to your own advantage. It may sound shady, but it’s not. These are techniques that are being used every day, everywhere, by police officers, intelligence agencies and security people – it wouldn’t be a surprise if the security people at your company have this kind of training, and use it every day.

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Lies, and detecting such, have three parts to them – the body language (this is the most important part), the spoken words, and the counter responses – i.e. what you need to do and say in order to make them screw things up. It’s not as hard as it may seem.

Take a look at our page, and see for yourself.

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