Secure data storage is an important concern.  It’s a wide world and an even wider web.  If you work in information you know this, if you work at an office you know this and even if you just browse the Internet at home you know this.

How often have you found yourself watching a Youtube video about cats 3 hours after you started by looking up how to get water out of your phone?  Exactly.  With so much information and so many people on the Internet (and real life) there is a very real security threat to your technology.  Whether it’s a laptop, phone, server or business network, there are many things you can do and buy to protect your technology.  The process of protecting information from unauthorized access is called information security, and it’s a massive field.

Barriers to Data Storage Protection

We could say that there is no excuse in this day and age to neglect information security but that would be wrong.  There are plenty of reasons why people don’t protect their equipment and information but there is always a way to overcome the barriers.

One big reason could be money.  People are living in tough times and some solutions may seem like extravagant purchases, they may think that they are just a small fish in a large sea, who would want their information?  There are a couple reasons why this barrier is false;

  • There are many solutions available for any budget.
  • It would usually cost more to replace a stolen piece of equipment than to spend a fraction of the price on security.
  • Even for the everyday person, as we have all heard, identify theft is a big problem and has ruined many lives!

Another reason is that the person doesn’t feel that they have any information of value on their laptop or, it has never been stolen before so they have an “I’ll take my chances” attitude.  People are constantly being stolen from, and it only takes one person to decide to target you to find yourself out of luck.  There are over 7 billion people on Earth; I certainly don’t like those odds.

Finally, many people fall into the category “I don’t know what I need”.  This is the most understandable reason.  There is so much information and advice available (not to mention the number of security products for sale) it can be very confusing so people simply give up looking for the right solution.  After all, who can you trust to give you accurate information that is not just aimed at selling you something?  Fortunately, there are many places that provide secure storage solutions that are able to assess your needs.

Once you decide to get secure storage for your data you will need to look into how to back up your information and where to keep it.  For data backups you may want to start looking at back up devices available from professional security suppliers.  As to where to keep your laptop or computer look at secure storage companies that have specialty storage solutions for your devices.


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