Just because you’re paranoid…

…doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you.

Sound familiar? Well, we’ll let you figure out who said it for yourself. Hint? Starts with M and ends with “ulder”. Anyway, there are few quotes around worth repeating on a site like this, but this is one. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again – we don’t want people to be too paranoid, just paranoid enough. There really are people out there who are out to get you. Maybe not you specifically right at this moment, but in the instant you cross into their radar coverage, they’ll be all over you.
It could be passing by the wrong alleyway at the wrong moment.
It could be walking into a coffee shop at the wrong moment.
It could be leaving work at the wrong moment, or even walking out of your door to get the paper while the coffee is brewing – at the wrong moment, of course. You just don’t know, that’s the point.
None of us do.

“Well, it won’t happen to me – our neighborhood, and where I work, is so quiet, and nothing ever happens here. We’re as safe as can be.”
Sure you are. That’s exactly what the majority of the people who get robbed, carjacked, stabbed, strangled, beaten, bruised and battered every day thought. Before it happened to them.

All right. If you try to analyze some of the crimes that occur every day to unsuspecting people, you’ll see that in many, many cases, the event could have been avoided, and quite easily. In interviews with criminals, that same fact has been established from the view of the criminals themselves. Simple precautions and a few seconds thought on what exactly is going on can save lives, wallets and homes. Crime is one of civilized societies’s greatest expenses. That means that even if it doesn’t happen to you directly, it will influence you by higher taxes, fewer opportunities for help, and it takes a big chunk out of hospitals and healthcare facilities’s resources.

Take a look at our latest page – Government Security Resources – and take a look at what the Department of Agriculture has to say about it…no, we’re not kidding. Department of Agriculture. That’s pretty crazy. But the info is better than almost anything we’ve seen before. By the government, of course.

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