Join 15,000 Others – Force the TSA to Follow the Law

This petition at is important. A quick look at the text of the petition outlines the issue: 

In July 2011, a federal appeals court ruled that the Transportation Security Administration had to conduct a notice-and-comment rulemaking on its policy of using “Advanced Imaging Technology” for primary screening at airports. TSA was supposed to publish the policy in the Federal Register, take comments from the public, and justify its policy based on public input. The court told TSA to do all this “promptly.” A year later, TSA has not even started that public process. Defying the court, the TSA has not satisfied public concerns about privacy, about costs and delays, security weaknesses, and the potential health effects of these machines.

At the time of writing this, the petition has 15,228 signatures, needing another 9,772 by the 9th of August in order to require a response from the US government.

We’ve written a lot about the TSA, and there are others writing a lot about the TSA, but having a government agency comply with court orders and the law must be the number one priority, no matter what anyone says. Speak out and sign the petition today, and make sure that someone has to look at, spend time on and answer the petition.

Best case scenario? The TSA is forced to comply with the courts, and publish the information they’ve been ordered to investigate and publish.

Worst case sceanrio? The petition reaches 25,000 signatures, and the TSA has to spend man-hours making something up in order to avoid answering it. Both scenarios make a difference, people, so head over to and sign that petition!

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