To be fair, we don’t really know how it’s done, and it’s really not supposed to be possible. Still, one man did it. Christopher Knight spent 27 years in the woods in Maine, living undetected off things he stole from campers and camp grounds over what authorities say total over 1,000 burglaries.

Since vanishing from his Maine home for no apparent reason and setting up camp when he was about 19, Knight sustained himself on food stolen from dozens of cottages, but his favorite target was the Pine Tree Camp, where game warden Sgt. Terry Hughes, who’s been trying to nab Knight for years, set up a surveillance alarm, authorities said.

The Ex US Marine and 18 year veteran ranger that eventually caught Knight red-handed during a burglary at a local camp ground says Knight has no survival or military training, and just how he has managed to navigate and live in the woods for almost 3 decades is a mystery. Apparently, Knight has managed the 27 years without serious injury or illness, despite not lighting fires for fear of being found, and has spent his days meditating and reading whatever books he has been able to steal.

Game warden Sergeant Terry Hughes said on Thursday that authorities believed Knight broke into cottages and stole quality products because they would last longer and help perpetuate his life of solitude. And the hermit apparently didn’t steal fridge leftovers either.

Knight, who went to high school with Chesley, apologized for the break-ins, Chesley told the station.

“I do believe him,” Chesley said.

Knight is being held on a $5,000 cash bond at the Kennebec County Jail. As is custom in Augusta, he had a video arraignment Friday for his first court appearance. His next court date is yet to be determined.

To be fair, Knight expressed remorse over all the burglaries he’s committed, and authorities have already confirmed that everything he stole was used to survive in the woods. He also had no real explanation as to why he ventured out into the woods in the first place, but seemed relieved to be brought out.

Also, he was worried hemight have developed diabetes, and still wore the same glasses he had when he first vanished. The same glasses. For 27 years. In the woods. The man does know how to take care of a pair of glasses.


  1. WOW! I’m ready to come out of the woods after 4 days, that’s with all the comfort gear in hand. He will write a book and become a millionaire. I would read it.


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