How To Read An Airport Security X-Ray Image

An airport x-ray image, or security x-ray images, are not as hard to read, or interpret, rather, as you might think. Many people have caught a little glimpse of the images when passing through security, and though it might look like chaos and jumbled up strange colors, there’s a definite order to it.

It does take a lot of training to interpret these pictures accurately, and it takes even more training to be able to do it as fast as the security personnel at airports do it, but we’ll take a stab at a quick walk-through here.

Example 1

Basic X-Ray Image Interpretation


The basics of image interpretation means knowing what the strange colors stand for. Here it is;

Blue equals hard materials. Metal (blue/black), hard plastics, alloys etc. For example, your gun or your metal knife will show up as blue or black or a mix. So will wires, your sunglass case, batteries, etc.

– Ā Orange is biological material. Anything that is natural, that is, and some things that aren’t. Rubber, leather, food, dynamite and other explosives (except plastique – that’ll turn slightly blueish), all liquids and gels and organic powders (like flour, for example).

Green is for plastics and alloys, where the density isn’t great enough to make it blue or black. This can also be ceramics, though only the densest of them. Normally, ceramics (think ceramic knives) will show up as orange.


After being able to separate the materials by looking at the colors, the rest lies in locating and seeing the outline of the object you want to identify. If you look at the example above, the concept is pretty clear.

To identify something on the airport x-ray images, you need to be able to see the outlines, even though the objects inside may be tilted at an odd angle, and the image of the object might be unusual. In Example 1, try to find the gun, and both shoes, the cologne and the other objects. Also, is there something strange about the shoes? Wink wink.

Example 2

Once you have mastered the art of interpreting the colors and the outlines, there’s really only the practice that is left. A normal x-ray image interpreter, or an x-ray machine operator, will have approximately three weeks of practice and tests before going into the field, so to speak, and even then there’s about another month with someone hanging over his or her shoulder, making sure that everything is being done and seen correctly.

Colorful Differences

As you can see in example 2, the colors in airport security x-ray images will vary a little depending on the version of the machine, and most of all depending on the manufacturer.

The fact is, however, that if you’ve managed to learn enough about the mechanics, the colors, the shapes and how the image is affected by how an object is placed on the conveyor, then these little differences will not even slow you down.

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180 Replies to “How To Read An Airport Security X-Ray Image”

    1. Sure you can. Tobacco is organic matter, and it will show up on x-ray as orange. Lining a suitcase with it, masking the odor of it, and making sure the thickness matches overall will be the most important points.

      Smuggling tobacco isn’t really a priority these days, I thought… Guess I was wrong.

      This doesn’t take care of the problem of trained customs officers, however… šŸ˜‰

  1. if i hollow out something wooden and fill it with an organic matter like cannabis, tobacco or flour, will it show up on the xray scanner?

  2. What about 35mm negative film, does that show up on a scanner? If they were in an A4 plastic pocket display folder would it show up as negatives or would it just look like the folder was filled with paper?

    1. It shows up pretty clearly, actually, since film is plastic, not organic. An x-ray operator will be perfectly able to see that there are negatives – not that there’s anything wrong or illegal in transporting negatives, so long as the picture itself is legal.

    1. Hi J.! You know why we’re answering you so quickly? ‘CAUSE WE HEARD YOU SCREAMIN’ ALL THE WAY OVER HERE!
      Look at the left hand side of your keyboard – there’s a button that says “Caps Lock”. Push it once, and never touch it again.

      Now, as for your bottle – you can put it in your bag and not worry about it. Getting the contents through is the difficult part. However, if you can afford a cruise, chances are you can afford to buy a bottle when you’re there. A bottle full of liquid just can’t be concealed if your bag’s going through x-ray. Also… they probably won’t mind you bringing the booze onboard, as long as you’re not bringing copious amounts, or are planning to sell it…

      1. For most cruises it is allowed for each person over 21 to bring one bottle and you may have it in your carry on. Or for those who don’t drink any one person can have a 12 pack of pop cans (based on carnival cruise lines)

  3. does hash show up on the xray if it’s sealed in plastic and put into a bottle of shampoo or peanut butter? will the plastic around the hash show up in green? or will the shampoo cover up the plastic? and is lsd detectable by the machine? is it possible to carry hash and lsd in your underwear? I don’t think India had human x ray scanners.

    1. Look, “tfp420” – we’re not here to help you smuggle hard drugs. It’s a bit of a mystery that you would think that.
      The information we’ve published relates to how to read security x-ray images, and what you choose to do with that information is your own, sole responsibility.
      We’re not going to be your personal advisors in devising smuggling techniques.

  4. Great article! Although I was wondering how prescription medication shows up on an airport scanner. I’m hopping on a last-minute flight to Europe tonight and I don’t necessarily want to hide it but I also don’t want any awkward moments while going through security. Hahaha. Thanks!

    1. Hi Amanda, and thanks.
      Well, prescription medication looks about the same as OTC medicine…. Anything organic will show up as orange, in the shape it is, of course.
      It’s going to look like candy… or pills, really. They might check it and they might not. The best thing would be to keep your prescription with you. The only viable way to hide it would be to mix it with Skittles or something…

  5. Thanks for the reply šŸ™‚ I ended up getting on the plane with it in my carry-on and panicked really hard going through security. Although the medication is prescribed to me, I didn’t have a copy of the prescription. But the gentleman didn’t seem to care, though. Hahahaha. Do medications show up as organic? Or does the plastic capsule throw it off?

    1. Excellent. šŸ™‚ Well, the medication will show up as organic, and in a pill jar it will look like little round orange thingies in a jar, really… Just about any x-ray operator can see it, but they can’t see what it is, of course, without taking the jar out.

      Generally, security officers won’t be interested in taking your medication. Just like we’ve talked a bit about tobacco – people tend to get crazy without their medications…

    1. It’s fascinating to see people calling it MDMA instead of ecstasy, just to make it sound better…

      How to travel with “MDMA”: Bus, train, car, bike, on foot or on horseback…or plane, of course. Not getting caught with it is a whole different deal, of course.

  6. Would there be a difference in color and density when it comes to a Tylenol capsule (not a pressed pill) and a prescription drug which has a capsule of the same size?
    I’m asking because I’m thinking of putting the prescription in the same bottle as the Tylenol’s, but don’t want any suspicion when they see 2, possible, variations in one bottle.

    1. Hi Turbo. Assuming the pills are in a bottle, either glass or plastic, the contents will be an orange mass in a greenish container. It will rarely be possible to discern individual types of medication.
      Does that answer your question?

    1. We’ve pretty much covered what will happen if you try to take pepper spray with you in your carry-on. Also, enclosed spaces is not the best places to use pepper spray…

      In your checked luggage, you’re pretty much gambling that they wont find them – the ALS systems are set up to detect pressurized containers, however, people bring hairspray with them all the time without any incident, so you could be fine. No guarantees what so ever.

  7. I know this off-topic but I couldn’t find any articles on your site about it, but maybe you’ll be able to answer…
    Do different kind of pharmaceuticals or over the counter drugs confuse security dogs to the point where they will think it’s illegal drugs? For example, having melatonin or multi-vitamins.


    1. Hi PT.
      Thanks for a great tip on new topics for the site, first of all.
      In regards to the dogs you’re thinking of, you’re probably referring more to LE “sniffer dogs” or customs dogs. If we’re not mistaken, MythBusters would actually give you some insight into how accurate and specific these dogs are – Season 8, episode 12.
      Drug dogs will perhaps react to some strong prescription drugs, but it’s not very likely that any of them will react to OTC drugs or harmless things, nor will they get confused easily (i.e. it’s almost impossible to confuse them at all…).

  8. if you have multiple metals together, will the colours be different and look like each individual object or look like one big chunk ?

  9. I wanna ask if i put pepper spray in metal container like water tank in checked luggage.
    ALS systems will detect the spray inside the water tanks or just the water tanks.
    Thanks alot

    1. Hi Tomas.
      The “tank” itself may cause concern. You’re better off putting the pepper spray with your toiletries. It’ll look like a deodorant or shaving gel/foam/cream.

  10. Hi
    I know this is off-topic also, but Iā€™m working on a waste treatment project and I would like to know if an X-ray can indentify clearly, different plastic type, paper type, class and organic.

    1. Hi Donald.
      Short answer is yes, you’ll be able to discern the main categories, but remember that x-ray only detects densities, not composition. That’s an important difference. Also, pack paper densely enough, it’ll start to look like plastic, and that’s just one example.

  11. Hi, If I put tobacco wrapped in clingfilm inside a shampoo bottle then re-filled with shampoo would the little packet be discernable as a different shade of orange swimming in the shampoo?

    1. By putting something like cocaine or pills only a small amount between a pack of baby wipes in the middle more precise would that show up on a xray?? And if so would it be obvious?? Thanks

    1. Hi Royden.
      Good luck on your test. There really aren’t any pointers to give – you have to concentrate on the shapes and follow the pattern! Yeah, you know what we’re talking about. You’ll do the best if you’re not all over the place.
      Again, good luck!

  12. Hi, this website is super interesting, well done! My question has to do with flying with a small titanium cooking stove. Not the gas bottle, just the harmless stove. I have had it sitting inside a nest of aluminum camping pots, and it has been seen on airport xray. If I was to pit it in a titanium pot would it be less likely to be seen, or do I need to find a metal denser than titanium to put it in? What would you suggest? Thanks

    1. Hi Jane.
      Thanks – tell your friends! šŸ˜‰
      Cooking utensils, even camping stoves, aren’t illegal as long as there’s no trace of accellerant left in them, and as you say, you obviously can’t bring the gas…
      If you’re not sure that the stove is clean, send it in your checked baggage. There won’t be much difference if you put it inside titanium or not – if the metal is thick enough, you’ll produce a shadow that the operator will have to check out, and if it’s any thinner than that, the operator will see the outline of what’s in the pot, since any density changes show up very clearly.
      We hope that answers your question.

  13. Hello,
    I will make a 1 year travel and like to take my money with me in my handbag and on myself. I wonder if the security team will see in the X Ray these 500 ā‚¬ notes in my bag and on my body.
    Thank you

    1. Hi Pablo. Don’t do that. Use a cashier’s check or travellers checks instead. Or better yet, put the money in the bank and bring a debit card…

  14. Good day
    Im planning to bring some Neurobion Vit B1,B6,B12 ampules. let’s say 60 ampules 3ml each am i going to have a problem with these? or how does it looks like if i put 60 ampules of neurobion inside the steel kettle?

    1. Hi Lacy.
      Those aren’t unwanted, restricted or prohibited, thought, so it’s hard to understand why you’d want to hide them at all…

    1. Hi Greg.
      Sure there are ways – take a look at the Illegal items pages, and the comments there. Some good tips. Tobacco isn’t illegal to transport, however, and you need to worry about customs if you’re planning on bringing too much of it. Security generally won’t care, and customs officers have very different methods for finding out what you’re hiding…

  15. Thanks for your comment. Anyway, I would like to know if the notes show up at the X-Ray when I put some in my back.
    Many thanks for your answer.

    1. Well, the short answer is yes, but it does depend on the amount of bills, of course.
      Modern money is quite easily detectable because of their “paper” (which in many cases is really cotton) and the metal strips in them.

    1. Yes, “they” see everything, hear everything and know…. some stuff. Resistance is futile!
      No, seriously, all checked baggage is scanned by the ALS system, which we’ve described again and again. Look over the article and comments, and you’ll find out how, what, where and when they do it.

  16. I know that guns show up dark green/blue and organic matter shows up orange. What color do scheduled drugs show up as? Ecstasy for example.

    1. Well, Ryan… why would you want to know a thing like that?

      Common sense is key here… if you can eat it, it’s organic, right? Well, if you can digest it, anyway. So… that would mean that drugs are organic matter, for the most part, right? Right.
      Also, guns are metal, so they won’t be green, they’ll be blue/black. Take a look at the pictures. Some guns with plastic parts may have those parts show up as green-ish, but that’s rather rare.

  17. Hey SS. Excellent website. I’m travelling back to Australia with my Grandmother. I’d like to take more then the allowed 250grams duty free tobacco. It’s Shisha fruit flavored tobacco which, consists of, mixed tiny fruit pieces, fruit juice & tobacco.
    I like to roll our clothing instead of folding them. I’m thinking of rolling the tobacco into the middle of the clothing. When customs officers search the bag, I believe, they won’t unroll clothing due to lack of time, but push things around to see what’s between them. Since tobacco is organic (like clothing), will they completely blend together without notice?
    The tobacco is wrapped up in the same material as a condom wrapper. Will it come up as organic material? (I went through a metal detector at Sydney Airport with a condom in pocket & it buzzed until I removed it) If not, will a plastic bag come up as organic?
    I’m certainly going to pack the tobacco at the very bottom, so whatever is on top hides it.
    Thank you & I’m really sorry for the detailed message.

    1. Hey Moey.
      Thanks for the kind words.
      Like we’ve remarked before, we’re not really here to help you smuggle stuff, and when it comes to customs officers, you never really know what they’re going to do. If you look over the articles, you’ll see that your method most likely will work with an x-ray machine only, but if one of those customs guys decides to take a closer look, you’ll be in trouble. Doubly so, since it’ll be obvious that you’ve tried to smuggle it – there’s no room for the ignorance-card there.

      When the condom made the metal detector buzz, that’s due to the wrapper, not the latex itself. It’s a little strange that one of those would make for an alarm, but it can happen.

      So, to everyone; please don’t break the law! šŸ™‚

  18. I totally understand and every little bit of advice totally helps. I’m going to hope they take it easy on my non speaking English Grandmother. She did pass through last year with pure tobacco in a plastic bag, a few shisha tobacco also in plastic (both hidden between her thick clothing) & two boxes of 200 pack cigarettes. Way over the limit without question!
    We’ve worked out our ignorance-card. It may work.

    To whomever is trying to sneak things in, good luck! I hope it’s non-threatening, not illegal & won’t get you into prison.
    Thanks so much : )

  19. I want to ask about Gerber powder in its original pack not open, and electric shaver opened both in carry on baggage, is it ok or not, thank you

    1. Hi Tomas.
      We don’t make the rules, you know. You should either check the TSA’s website for an updated list of illegal/unwanted items, or your country’s equivalent if you’re not from the US.

  20. Say i wanted to conceal a certain organic object in a hollowed out book. I would then surround the hollowed out book by a few other books, and maybe some clothes on all sides of the books. Would you be able to see through the surrounding books, into the hollowed book and see the object or no? Would that be something that might get my bag searched or ran through a second screening? I figured since the object in the hollowed book is less dense, the density of the surrounding organic objects would conceal the object making it the same shade orange throughout, but I just wanted to confirm that since it is better to be safe than sorry.


    1. That might work, but it might also trigger a search, based on how careful the operator is, and if he/she thinks the books may obscure something.

  21. Hi, I leaving my current job in Sudan and going back home. I have around 30,000 dollers in cash to take with me in hand carry. (no way to transfer through bank, sudan is a embargoed country). Once I travelled with 14,000 $ in cash by hiding them in back pack, passed through scanner without trouble.
    Any suggestion to how to hide these notes better? if I get caught what are the circumstances? I have my salary slips, copy of employment contract with me….
    Highly appreciate suggestions from you guys.

    1. Hi Malik.

      Cash is pretty easy – take a look at our “How to get illegal items through the airport” pages – there’s some good comments on cash transports there too.
      The first thing you should do is to check and see if you can’t just declare it when you arrive to wherever it is you’re going. That would be the – by far – easiest way to get it home with you.

    1. Hi Saurabh.
      We don’t make the rules… you need to check the TSA’s website if you’re traveling from the US, or your country’s equivalent if you’re traveling from outside the US.

  22. Great info, thank you! I have 4 pair of brass knuckles i purchased here in china and want to bring them back to the U S tomorrow. I want to turn them into necklaces. If i place them downwards in my check in luggage so you can’t see the shape, do you think they could tell what they are? Thank you so much.

    1. Hi Kooky.
      That will show up as organic material inside plastic… A lipstick is easy to discern in x-rays – many experienced operators can even tell you the brand just from the x-ray image, after seeing so many of them both there and in bag checks.

  23. if you carry a bottle off alcohol thats in the same shape bottle as lets say a shampoo bottle, how would the x ray operator know the difference?

    1. Hi Lee.
      It’s possible that he/she wouldn’t, in fact, know the difference from just looking at the image.
      Usually, however, there’s quite a difference in the density between those two, and that will show up on the screen if it is calibrated correctly. An experienced screener will pick up on that.


    1. Hi Nata.
      Look, we have no TSA test answers here. When it comes to reading x-rays, all you can do is practice, practice, practice.
      Remember that none of the images we have are the same as the TSA’s images. These are ours.

  25. HELLO,


    1. Nata, first of all, don’t write in all caps. It feels like you’re shouting, and that’s unpleasant.
      Could you tell me a little about the training you’re getting? If you’re taking a TSA screener test, you must have some sort of training, right?

  26. Hi SS, cool web-site, I only finished reading this article and made me very interested to find out more. I have one question, because you were mentioning experienced operators in Kooky’s question about the lipstick. I thought since they are so used to see these common objects, in this case lipstick, if one replaces the actual lipstick inside the container with another organic matter and make it in the same shape can the operator know that that’s not really lipstick from the density of it? I am thinking that he/she will let it pass since there are so many different lipsticks.

    1. Hi Cosmin.
      It’s not potosi or, in many cases, to distinguish between organic matter – marzipan, for instance, looks exactly like dynamite. So yes, it’s possible to switch the organic matter, but remember that any change in density or composition might trigger a bag check or swab.

  27. great information. very helpful. i have looked for any kind of help to assist me with my future CBT Test i have to take for TSA. hopefully reading this and learning the objects in more pictures will definitely help. they said the test is 2 1/2 hours. i was wondering if anyone knows if the test is just about identifying objects and if its seriously hard because i have no experience in this field yet and do not want to embarass myself by completely failing.

      1. Hi Ben. Did you take the CBT exam for TSA how was it? Mine is approaching and I have no idea what to expect on the xray part how do i tell the difference between salt and powder explosives in the xrays?

        Any help will greatly be appreciated

  28. How to get x-ray images in a X-ray machine into another computer application. We need these images for archival purposes and archives.
    Normally two applications can interact each other using webservices, is this kind of mechanism works here?

    1. Most newer (no more than 6 or 7 yrs old) x-ray machines have USB capabilities. Find the USB slot and log on the system as admin. There should be an export function for saved images or autologs.

  29. Just curious but what color do drugs show up as. Such as coke and weed. Not trying to smuggle. I am actually doing a report for my aviation management class pertaining to security. Thanks ahead of time.

      1. Doing a report as well and this article was really helpful. So if all drugs show up orange, how can they differentiate from OTC/prescribed drugs and illegal drugs? Are they more looking for weapons/explosives more than drugs?

  30. I take bottles with Silica Sands (SiO2) on business trips, and invariably get stopped for the “explosives test” (wand with a patch of cloth fed into a ‘sniffer’).
    What makes this so obvious?

    1. Hi Scott.
      In theory, it could be a coincidence. There’s no trace detection before that (unless you count the ever failing “puffer” portals), so you might just be “unlucky”.
      That said, silica sand will sometimes make those machines react, as will soap and hand sanitizer (soap and sanitizer because of the glycerine content), so that might have something to do with it.

  31. Hi guys, any of you guys know whether imma take a risk with this item imma be having on my carry on luggage. I just wanna be safe and hassle-free when i go to the airport and get checked. Basically the item i plan to bring is a chipotle/paper bag about 194 pieces of condoms. Thinking of the wrappers and all the different factors why it can be detected, can it be detected? and if it is seen, will they stop and question me? will they ask me to check it in with my other luggage instead? is that much condoms prohibited? and anything else i should know of, if anyone knows anything or works for the TSA and has they opinions and judgement please please comment, im just a concerned passenger.

    1. Hi David.
      Aside from the fact that you can probably buy condoms wherever you go, you shouldn’t have a problem with however many condoms you want to take with you. They’re not illegal anywhere – in fact, they’re encouraged almost everywhere. šŸ˜‰
      If you’re worried about this, just put them in your checked luggage. Also, any properly trained x-ray operator will know what a condom looks like…

  32. Hi

    Just a question. . Do the scanners determine the difference between alcohol and normal liquids? Or do they show up the same colour?

    1. Hi Dillon.
      As you can see in the article, the x-ray machine bases imaging on detecting density. It differentiates between materials by the amount of low-energy x-rays that can pass through them. This means that you can (to some extent) see the difference between a cream and water, for example, but since the density difference between water/soda for example, and alcohol, then the answer to your question is simply “no”. So, if you put vodka in a water bottle, for example, the operator cannot tell that it’s not water without testing the contents somehow.

  33. Hi, say you have more than $10k cash and are flying internationally, and you just don’t want to go through the hassle of explain why you have all that cash and where the money came from, I’m thinking its just easier to conceal it somewhere in the luggage and just check it in, so how is a good way of concealing it and blending it in with other objects so the screener does not pick it up?

    1. What cash looks like and ways to hide it has actually been thoroughly explained in the “How to get illegal items through the airport” pages, and the comments. Take a look! šŸ™‚

  34. I hope this information helps me a bit on the cbt test that I am scheduled to take real soon. Are there any other colors that may show up for objects or substances on the machine besides these 3 colors?

    1. I am taking the CBT test tomorrow and I have been worried about it for a week now. Does anyone kno if the test is hard ? I really want and need this job. I always wanted to be a TSA officer.

  35. Dummy. Why would you want to try to hide money. If they find it they will steal it. I’m applying for a job with them and trust me if I get hired it’s only to get my foot in the door. I have absolutely no respect for this agency.

  36. For the response to having no respect for a TSA, that is a really stupid thing to say on a public database considering they are part of the Federal Government. Good Luck with getting that job. hahahahaha

  37. What’s wrong with the shoes in Example 1? and What are all the items in Example 2? This is useless without you pointing out where things are.

    1. Chris;
      Well…you see that they’re shoes. And you see that there’s a gun and stuff also, in Example 1. So you’re on your way to learning how to read that kind of x-ray image. That’s the point of the whole article. Now, there’s a subtle difference between the shoes, as you may have noticed, and if you read the text and think about it, you’ll see that one of the shoes (to the left) has organic matter inside it, more than the other shoe. That’s a red flag. So. Example 2: there’s a phone cord, headphones, some clothes, a discman (top middle – you can see the laser lens and the tracks for it to move back and forth), a couple of pressurized cans of some sort (from context I’d say the bag has a toiletries kit in it). Learning this stuff to the core takes about a month of continuous training – this little article is just the tip of the iceberg.

  38. At first I had a little trouble with the small object but I saw a phone cord shoes with the materials inside of it I saw a knife headset just to name a few but I do need to study the x-ray more

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  40. I am an engineering undergraduate student(Electronics). On my flight back to college,I’ll be carrying a box full of electronics components that I work with.Those include many ICs,resistors,capacitors,wires,some basic tools,sodlering rod, development boards.If it gets caught they might confiscate it.I have put in a lot of money and time in collecting these.What should I do ?

  41. Hope it’s not too late to reply to the last commenter.

    I screen baggage in a Canadian airport. The items you mention are all fine here, so long as they are not assembled in a manner that might be taken suspiciously. It may help to communicate with a screening officer that will be examining your bag first.

    This is easiest of course if your airport has a front of house baggage system or front of house oversized (out of gauge) setup. If they do, to get your bag screened as out of gauge (when it is not) simply advise your airline that the contents are fragile. Bear in mind every airport is vastly different in that respect.

    I would advise against taking these items as carry-on.

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  45. What color would titanium be? Also, how would a folding knife with titanium look like in the X-ray? Will the titanium block the shape of the knife? Just asking because I am bringing my knife inside my carry-on to have it professionally sharpened some place else. Afraid it might be confiscated. Thanks!

    1. Your knife will be confiscated if you take it in your carry on. If you paid a significant amount of money for your knife, I would highly recommend that you pack it in your checked luggage. If you are not checking luggage I would suggest that you contact the Knife Grinder and consider shipping to them.

      1. hi i just need to know what is the colour of meds?i need to pass some unprescribed drugs for my anxiety which was precribed to a friend of mine so he gave me.can i put it in my vitamin bottle?
        please help

        1. Hi, I’m afraid that as it is illegal for your friends to give you his prescribed medication to use, if you have prescription medication with you without a prescription showing your name, the medicine will be confiscated. You would be better off going to your doctor and asking him to write you a prescription if he thinks you really do need it. Them when you fly, keep the prescription where you can show it. Your details will be checked against your passport. don’t risk your health and time by taking your friend’s medication!

  46. Is it take from single energy or dual energy Xray Source, how to segment object using density and atomic number using matlab?

  47. Is it possible to carry a folded deer skin/pelt with fur/hair on through the x-ray machine, concealed between clothes, woolen items ?

      1. But will it show up in the x-ray as deer skin or pelt, will the hair fibres/fur show up or will it be masked by the clothes/wollen items ?

  48. If stainless steel is put into x ray machine, which it’s density is about 8 g/cm3, what color it will show on the screen? Thanks

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    Isud’s Method To Go Viral

  50. if ketamine powder was put in a talcum powder tin say 100gms tin….would the xray machine be able to detect the difference if was k or not?? and what color??

  51. If Iā€™m going to carry a fake motherboard fully made up of 1kg of gold and placed it inside a laptop and put that in my backpack, will it be detected?

  52. I need to take urinary catheter on flight in case of problem . I guess they are 14 inch long, a hardish plastic, sealed with small amount of water inside. Ugh i hate it but alas. I dont think they are illegal though I suspect they show as long narrow objects. Am I Likely to be stopped or is it one they see all the time. I could also put in plastic zip loc bag and label as catheter. Any suggestions?

    P.s I know this thread is old but maybe someone is monitoring.

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