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How to transport illegal items in your carry-on;

Transporting illegal items through an airport is not easy these days, unless you have someone on the inside helping you out. That would in most cases be the best thing, even though it involves trusting someone with that kind of info about what you are going to do. We’ll concentrate on doing it on your own, for simplicity.

Your carry-on will pass through an x-ray scanner on your way through the security checkpoint. This is your obstacle. So how do we beat something that can see through fabric, plastic, rubber, whatever your luggage is made of? If something is placed inside the bag, like a metal plate, to block the image, that will trigger a manual check of your bag, almost certainly blowing your scheme wide open. X-ray operators have, on average, only five seconds to clear a bag when it passes through the scanner and pops onto his or her screen. This is something that we can take advantage of when trying to pass the checkpoint with something illegal in the bag or briefcase.

Getting something you shouldn’t have through security comes down to taking advantage of the operator’s limited time to clear your bag, and a little technical insight into how a bag scanner displays your bag on the screen.
We’ve been over the color scheme before, and below is a typical image generated by a leading brand x-ray scanner;

X-Ray scanner image
X-Ray scanner image

You’ll see that there’s three bottles of liquid there, likely at least one Coca-Cola, based on the shape of the bottle, there’s a camera or two, a lens, a few batteries, a stack of cd’s, zippers, glasses, and so on. Now, you don’t see the stack of cd’s? That’s because they’re edge up in the side pocket at the bottom of the image. It’s a greenish blur there.

This is the main point. If you manage to place an item in your bag so that the edge of say, a knife, is “up” when it goes through the scanner, then it will show up as only a line. If that stack of cd’s had been knife blades, there would only be a bunch of blue lines down there on the screen. That might (probably will) prompt a re-check, but usually, one will not.

Camouflage is another method. Making one thing look like another on the scanner screen is not really all that hard. You can, for example, take advantage of densities in the item. A log of marzipan, for instance, shows up looking exactly like dynamite. (So that’s a bad thing to bring.) But all metal will be blue, all dense plastics and some light metals will be green, while everything organic will show up orange.

Visualize how things will look on the screen when you pack your illegal item in the bag, and place it to create the least amount of visible signature on the screen – you have to make it be a stealth fighter.

Having said all this, you see that it comes down to mostly luck, and a little insight, to get something through airport security. It’s by no means very hard, but just a tiny little wrench in the works, thrown by a security officer actually paying attention, will land you in jail and big trouble. If you’re in the US, it might get you on the no-fly list, and that’s pretty bad.

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