How To Get Illegal Items Through the Airport – 2

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3; Getting around  airport security measures

There are, as we’ve been through here, a lot of ways to get around airport security measures and bring illegal items through an airport. Now that we’ve looked at the various parts of an airport security checkpoint, let’s dig a little deeper and get to the good part.

Getting past the metal detector is the first priority. The fact that we still wear our clothing through that thing means that unless that TSA guy is Superman, he can’t see what you’ve got underneath. Millimeter ray scanners may change this in a few years, but for now those are still in the testing stages, so we won’t worry about them just yet.
Illegal items in airports vary in category and severity. A weapon of some sort is of course the most severely prohibited item and will land you in jail, whilst a 4-ounce bottle of lotion will only mean you’re out a few bucks. Since they’ll take it away.

Metal/Trace portal
Metal/Trace portal

The metal detector adds up all of the metal that you are carrying with you, from metal buttons on your pants (and the zipper) to that safety pin in your pocket and the blade in your shoe… When a certain mass is reached, the alarm will go off, and in most cases a strip of LED’s will show the operator where the largest metal mass is placed on your person.

So how do we trick it?

Moving a mass of metal through a detector without it being seen is, in itself, tricky, but here’s a tried and tested method that usually works.

Hold the object as shielded as you can – i.e. in your fist. Make sure the least surface area of the object as possible is facing the detector walls, and move it quickly through the detector – faster than your main mass is moving. This is going to look silly, and it sounds too easy to be true, but aside from the fact that the movement itself is suspicious, this will work. If youmanage to catch the operator off guard, and you can pull this off without the granny behind you in line shrieking “Terrorism!” at the top of her withered lungs, you’re home free.
This will work with a lot of things, but objects containing more metal than say, a cell phone, will still sound the alarm.

When it comes to fooling the metal detector portal, that’s about the largest object you’ll get away with. So how can you bring that axe you need to defend yourself? Aha…

Composites, ceramics and porcelain.

Composite materials, and ceramics, will not be detected by the portal. There are myths out there that say precious metals will slide through – that is not true. Just like the term says, they’re metals, gummybear. Gold, silver, platinum – all those will set off the alarm. Ceramics, however, are different. Ceramic knives, scissors, scalpels and other sharp objects will slide through – your only obstacle is hiding them well enough not to be seen by the trained officer’s eye. Since ceramics are not metal, but its uses, hard- and sharpness grades are the same or better than steel, weapons made from it is just as effective and also weighs in at a lot less than steel. If you need a blade through security, go with ceramics.

Recently, the use of porcelain to make knives has been a popular thing – these will not set off a metal detector either. Now, what you’ve got to remember is that just because the blade won’t trigger the metal detector portal, that doesn’t mean there’s no metal in the handle, in screws and whatnot else comes with the fancy blade.

Where to hide it?

Deep Concealment
Deep Concealment

Just to remind you – taking a willfully concealed blade through airport security is a serious offence. You’ll go to jail.

Shoes and underwear. Your pockets will bulge and move unnaturally and carrying it in your hand is just silly. So-called “Deep Concealment” is the only way to go. Shoes are almost out, since most security checkpoints, in airports at least, will make you take them off.

What’s left? Between your shoulderblades, between your breasts (if you have a pair of those), taped to your thigh, the inside of your upper arm, your armpit, the soles of your feet (uncomfortable) and so on. Make a specialized pocket inside the waist of your pants, etc. You get the point. Hide it where an officer is least likely to touch you with any real vigor, and hope for the best. Like I said, we can fool the machines – it’s the human element we have to worry about.

Now, these hiding places will also work for liquids, in the cases where the container isn’t that much over size. You will never be able to hide a gallon of Scotch on your person, but a small bottle should work. If it’s just the content you want to bring, tailor a plastic container to fit under your arm, or down your leg. If you carry it around your midsection, you can always say it’s a stoma pouch.

We’re not going to discuss how to hide explosives or bomb parts here – that’s just plain terrorism, and we’re not into that. The disclaimer’s sentiment still stands, though; there’s nothing here that the terrorists don’t already know about.

On the 3’d and last page, we’ll go through how to conceal illegal items in your carry-on luggage.

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