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There’s no question that home security means different things to different people. Even in the same sentence, the words “home security” can mean multiple things, and we’ve also written extensively, and dedicated a lot of our site, to just this topic. Home security is both a feeling, a set of methods and a way of thinking that makes you secure in your own home, and encompasses the use of both physical security measures and a set of habits and methods that will keep your house and hearth, as it were, a place where you both can feel, and expect to be, safe and secure.

Physical Home Security

The physical measures that someone can take to make their home a safe place, are just short of endless. As with anything regarding this topic, home security measures must be a weighing between two things – the need for security, and the need for freedom – or should we say, less hassle. A lot of home security measures will not only keep someone uninvited on the outside – they will also make it harder for you to get out. Bars on your windows might be too much of both a visual sore and expense for rural home security, while they can be vital for someone living in a first floor apartment in a city. Likewise, a complete home security camera setup might be too much for someone in a city apartment, while it’s vital for a farmer with several buildings to monitor and safeguard.

When you’re choosing your home security measures, we recommend taking a peek at the plethora of articles and information we’ve gathered on this site, and taking your cues from them. Also, consult with a professional, but remember that this will also entail that you’re letting a stranger into your home, and that your security measures will be known to someone outside of your circle. Also remember that having cameras and alarms, physical measures and countermeasures fitted to your home security might be something that is regulated by law or policy in your area, and that you might not be allowed to film public property, for example. Check your laws and the guidelines on installing electrically powered equipment for your area.

“Mental” Home Security

Building good habits is essential for anyone looking to “upgrade” or enhance their home security. Not everything is about gadgets and trinkets, bars, gates and steel doors. It’s also about knowing what will attract an assailant or a burglar. Take in your mail, remember to cancel your mail when you’re not home. Lock your doors and windows, both when you’re there and when your’re not, and any time either is out of your sight. Take care to keep your schedule irregular – don’t leave and come home at the exact same times every day, and don’t announce your vacation plans on an unsecured Facebook profile “wall”. Find someone you can trust to check p on your house if you’re not there for a while – home security is also about appearances, and switching some lights on and off / leaving different lights on or off over night when you’re away can also be helpful.

There are several products and apps that can help you do this on your own as well, if you don’t want to leave your keys with someone else.

As mentioned, our home security category¬†has a vast amount of information on both methods, products and systems that will help you keep your home safe, both for you, your family and your pets at all times. And if there’s something you can’t find, please feel free to leave a comment or send us an email – we’ll answer. SnallaBolaget is about security, and Security is for Everyone.

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