Your home is your castle, and what kind of castle doesn’t have a mote? And some tall walls… and a drawbridge, maybe? Those things might be a little much, actually, especially when you actually live in a house, or an apartment, instead of an actual castle. If you do live in a castle, please call us. We want to see it.

As mere mortals, our version of the motes and drawbridges are the home security systems, and if you don’t have one today, you should definitely looking into getting one. The state and availability of technology these days has made getting a real, functioning and high tech home security system as easy as pie, and it doesn’t have to drain your wallet, savings account and three years worth of future pay, either. Functional home security systems don’t even have to be complicated, or installed by specialists any longer – you can literally DIY it on your own, with a little care and preparation. We’ve written very extensively on home security here, so check out our other articles and pages on that topic here!

Types of Home Security Systems

There are some basic categories in home security that we’re going to list here, but keep in mind that in between these categories are endless combinations. That means tailor made setups for you and your home.

  • Alarm systems. These are basic alarm systems, that will make sound, light, and/or call you or a guard company/police if someone tries to break into your home.
  • Surveillance systems. These are camera systems, using some of the security cameras we’ve also written about here, or ideally, a combination of them. This is made to keep an eye on your stuff, and record video of what’s going on in your garage, your living room, your kitchen or anywhere else where you have a need for some oversight and peace of mind.
  • Combination systems. Combo home security systems will utilize both alarms, surveillance and often an entry control system, such as card, code or biometrics readers on your doors. These are by far the most secure home security systems, and have become far more available as the price of high tech components has gone down. Anyone who feel the need to install a home security system should look into having a combination system. The best solutions for one of these will also incorporate an ability for the system to call out or set off an alarm if someone punches a wrong code, or even a silent alarm code for that matter.

Choosing your ideal home security systems

Complete home security systems can be had for pretty cheap these days, even from reputable and proven suppliers. If you’re planning to go for a combination system, you should be prepared to move into the four figures for both cameras, sensors and even a DVR for video recording, but even then, you won’t move far into the four figures. Something like this should work for most homes, and is still well below 1,000 dollars. Adding motion sensors and an alarm system integration on top, should still keep you in the three figure range.

Making sure you get the system that’s right for you, also comes down to picking a provider, in many cases. Whether it be a company that only supplies hardware, or it’s only a monitoring and response service, or a combination, you can find some more tips here and here, as well as in our home security category – a must for anyone who feels a need to keep their house, home, family and belongings safe and secure. Robust home security systems work day and night to do just that, and there is no better time than now to see what you can do to make sure you’re as safe as can be. Remember that you can contact us by email if you have questions or comments, and as always, Security is for Everyone.


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