Home Security Mistakes That Attract Intruders

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The key to deterring intruders is to make life difficult for them. If they think your home is too tough to break into, the chances are they won’t attempt it.

Nevertheless, here’s a guideline from Eden Harper, a Brixton estate agent on how people continue to make some of the most common mistakes which attract intruders:

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Windows and Doors

If you want your house to be secure, well fitted windows and doors should be one of your top priorities. And this is not difficult to achieve. Just make sure you use double glazing all around your house, and that your windows and doors are professionally fitted. Potential intruders will most likely be put off by the effort required to break in.

However, many people do not follow this advice, and continue to install poorly fitted and weak doors and windows. By simply applying enough pressure, an intruder can be inside your home in no time.


A garage is another potential entry point to your home, and one that would be intruders pay close attention to. Many people go to great lengths to secure their home, yet overlook this common weak point. Maintenance and repair work can be put off until later, which sends a clear signal of vulnerability to anyone thinking of breaking in.

But this weak spot can be easily addressed with the installation of strong and secure garage doors. Such an investment works wonders for deterring intruders.

Security System

Nothing scares off potential intruders like a good security system. Alarm systems and security cameras are likely to out off the vast majority of intruders, and catch anyone who still attempts a break in.

If you are serious about protecting your home from burglars, a security system is one of the most effective methods at your disposal. Make sure that it is clearly visible, so that it can act as a deterrent. But don’t just rely on it in this way. You should also take care to ensure you use it correctly, just in case an intruder ever makes an attempt.

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Although your garden doesn’t provide direct access to your house, a messy or cluttered back yard can help facilitate a break in. This provides thieves with the cover they need to gain access to your property, and the close proximity to your home increases their ability to stage a successful intrusion.

To combat this danger, all you have to do is make sure your garden is maintained. Don’t allow plants and hedges to become overgrown, nor permit easy access to sheds or other protected areas. This only serves to make it easy for intruders to come close enough to break in.

Overall, combating intruders is largely a case of taking care of your property. If you ensure that your windows, doors, garage and garden are all properly maintained and make use of strong, secure equipment, you’ll succeed in scaring off the vast majority of intruders. The addition of a security system is another effective measure which serves the same purpose. There are plenty of burglary hotspots in the UK; nevertheless, failures to take these actions are the most common mistakes that attract intruders.

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