If you take a quick look at our About-page, you’ll know that we want security to be for everyone. That’s sort of our mission, really; tell you all you need to know about security, so that you can understand what’s going on around you, why those pesky security guards that bug you every day for your pass at work, or at the parking lot, or at the mall, when they want to check that purse you’ve got there, to see what set off the alarm…


There’s really nothing more important to you, or us, than home security. After all, that’s where you go to kick back, relax and feel safe, right? The sad fact is that there are a lot of people out there who aren’t safe in their homes. Or they don’t feel safe. Or a combination. That’s why we’ve put together SnallaBolaget’s first e-book – Home Fortress. In it, we go through how to make your own security blueprint, set up a home security survey, and tell you how to deal with the most basic of home security – the shell configuration.

Since we want security to be for everyone, we’ve decided to set the price at a meager 5 bucks a pop – instantly delivered to you via digital download, as they say… is there really any other kind of download? Anyway.

Being safe in your home is paramount, and making sure that you know your home’s weak points, its strong points and what you need to do to button down and be safe from burglars, home invaders, and even make your castle safer if Mother Nature decides to take a swing at you is all in there – and it should be in your hands, or on your screen as soon as possible too.

We’re not promising that the price will stay this low, of course, but for now, we’re holding steady at a cool 5 bucks. Take a look at our page about the ebook for a little more information… or just go ahead and order it right away. That’s what we would do.

Oh… and if you want to join us and be an affiliate, we’re offering a 99,99% commission. That’s right. 99.99% commission. Take a look at the page here, and sign your pretty self up. Not to mention – get your Home Fortress up and running!

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