Hitman – How to Become One

(… and why you probably shouldn’t.)

The "Technical Manual"

What is a Hitman, anyway?

Well, if you’ve ever watched a movie with some guns in it, you’re almost sure to know what a hitman is already, but we’ll take a stab at explaining it to you anyway. Just in case the most action filled movie you’ve ever seen was based on a Jane Austen novel.

A hitman (or hitwoman…but for simplicity, we’ll just call’em all “hitman”) is a person who is hired to kill someone else by a third party, also known as a contract killing. That’s not too nice right from the start, but we’ll keep on truckin’ anyway. Here’s a couple of snippets from Wikipedia on the subject:

“Hitmen are largely linked to the world of organized crime. Hitmen are hired people who kill people for money. Notable examples include Murder, Inc.”

Well. That wasn’t very informative, was it? No it wasn’t. So let’s look at contract killings then – maybe we’ll have better luck with that.

Contract killing is a form of murder, in which one party hires another party to kill a target individual or group of people. It involves an illegal agreementbetween two parties in which one party agrees to kill the target in exchange for consideration, monetary, or otherwise. The hiring party may be a single person, a group of people, a company, or any other kind of organization. The hired party may also be one person, such as a hitman, or a group of people, or an organization.[1]

That’s better. So, a hitman is a contract killer, in case that went by you unnoticed. But what’s this Murder, Inc. you say? Okay, okay… let’s have a quick look at them as well before we move on.

Murder, Inc. (or Murder Incorporated or the Brownsville Boys; known in syndicate circles as The Combination) was the name given by the press to organized crime groups in the 1920s through the 1940s that resulted in hundreds of murders on behalf of the American Mafia and Jewish Mafia groups who together formed the early organized crime groups in New York and elsewhere. The name was a journalistic invention. In his biography The Valachi Papers, Mafia turncoatJoe Valachi insisted Murder, Inc. did not commit crimes for the Mafia.”

That’s not really all that interesting, to be frank. The thing is, Murder, Inc was a long time ago, and they got caught too. That’s not good for a career criminal at all. So how would one go about becoming a Hitman these days? We’ve asked ourselves this a few times over the years, and others have asked it of us too, without getting a decent answer. We’ll try to rectify that here.


Becoming a Hitman – The Why’s (and why not’s)

Let’s just point out right away that becoming a hitman is a bad idea. Killing people is bad, killing people for money is worse. So there. Here’re the why and why not’s.

– The Money. Cash is indeed king, as they say, and the money in contract killings is apparently at least potentially good. No guarantees. According to the FBI, their undercover agents have had offers of sums ranging from $2.30 plus some Atari games to $200,000 as a down payment. So it’s potentially good. Or you need an Atari to play your fee on…

– Action and Adventure. Surprisingly often, crimes are committed with this as the main motivation. Contract killings would probably be exciting for the right person, but the right person is probably a psychopath, and so would have trouble feeling that excitement anyway, and so the point kind of disappears right there. If you’re not a psycho, then you probably won’t want to be a contract killer anyway.

– Freedom. Uhm… okay. You’ll be a freelancer for sure, and not really answer to any boss… But to do what? You won’t pay taxes, of course, but you’ll always be on the run, no matter if you see the blue lights pulsing in your rear view mirror or not. Someone’s looking for you.

From Slate Magazine:
“Reliable statistics on murder-for-hire fees are hard to come by, since most successful contract killers presumably go unpunished and are careful not to leave a paper trail. But fees can depend on a number of factors: the difficulty of the hit, the prominence of the target, the financial standing of the employer, and the financial needs of the hit man, to name just a few.”

So there you go – a short how-to in how to calculate your price for the hit, or the kill, or the contract.

Let’s not kid ourselves. Hitmen do exist, and those who think they’re only a fabrication of Hollywood and popular writers are basically all wrong. As long as there are people around, and as long as we either use some kind of currency or there are things of value, there will be hitmen. Hell, if we didn’t have money or an equivalent, people would kill for food. Simple as that. Now, whether or not there are hitmen conglomerates like Murder Inc or competing such like they had in Mr & Mrs Smith, that’s up for debate. The concept is cool of course, and would probably be very profitable, but the risk would just be too high to manage.

The fact that the hitmen exist begets the fact that you can become one as well. There’s not much info on this, however, but a good place to start is actually with the FBI. They handle (2009 figures) 70 – 90 cases of attempted hirings for murder each year, and going through those should teach you a little about what not to do at least.

Becoming a Hitman – The How’s

Resources online are scant when it comes to becoming a hitman. Maybe not all that surprising – we’re pretty sure that those who have made it in that business are far too busy keeping their heads under the radar and their silhouette off of ridges to write articles online. That being said, we’ve written about it before – here, and there are a few other exaples out there.

The best resource, however, seems to be the 1983 book “Hit Man – A Technical Manual for Independent Contractors”. The book’s origin is somewhat disputed, and the prevailing opinion these days is that it was written by a bored housewife with a great imagination. The book is actually in the public domain, after the publisher was forced to give up the rights to it as a settlement in court. Apparently, someone had actually used the book as a manual for becoming a hitman. The person in question wasn’t smart enough to not get caught, however.

Another set of books that have become a reference for both regular survivalists and hitmen in training is “The Poor Man’s James Bond” which is also referred to in the “Hit Man“. Okay. We’ll go on with a little list.

– Decide. It’s a pretty big decision to make, after all. Kill people, not kill people. Hmm.

– Training & Research. Get in shape. After all, you can’t make a get-away if you’ve got a big’ol beerbelly hanging down in front. Also, do your research. You’ve started in the right place, at least (here, dummy), but you should read the whole Hit Man book, the PMJB and other resources.

– Building Contacts. Building contacts means building your client base. Referrals are important in this business, since you can’t exactly advertise your services in the local classifieds. Or Craigs List. Even though that’s been known to happen.

So, a final word and a small disclaimer. Don’t become a hitman. Killing people for money is not fun. We don’t condone it or encourage it, and all the info here is for educational purposes only. Also, you’ll get caught, eventually. So…yeah. Leave a comment if you have questions!

300 Replies to “Hitman – How to Become One”

  1. Hit men often start out as drug dealers who earn a reputation. It is so sophisticated. Hit men fly in from other places…to do hits in unknown areas. They are met with weapons instructions and a vehicle. Often they are tied to car dealerships where cars are in and out constantly. This is where the vehicle is provided. The target gets watched, sometimes other than by the hit man himself. Things work in cells. Beware of spray paint targeting your curb. They do tend to be psychopaths at least the ones who stay with it. They feel nothing during there crime, just doing a job

  2. All of you responding to this article are either ignorant or just plain stupid. This is not a profession for immature morons…

    1. Whats gonna happen then? You spend a couple of thousands and your application gets rejected and you also loose your deposit at the gun shop….
      Sitting with a competency certificate ,which means Nothing, NOTHING… Mr Nobody

  3. There is no top, there is no international assassin for hire. Operators work regionally – and never start out in the bloodletting business. If you’re lucky enough to survive being a career criminal someday someone is going to give you an opportunity to distinguish yourself from the worms and become a wolf. If you’re successful…you’ll be the go to guy – bartered out by your keeper. And – a baretta isn’t going to kill shit…guns are rarely used. Its either a stabbing device, poisening, forced suicide…or an accident. However – I do prefer the Glock 45 for home invasion, and a Modified Glock 17c (G-18) for well protected vic’s.

  4. Man leave this shit be isn’t their enough shit going around in the world yes their are real live hit men their mercenaries or ex nsa, cia or ex rangers who can’t find a job and those are the medium level guys the lower end guys are usually drug dealers with a record a mile long if your into something in a lower leverl stuff in real life look at the telly hankton trial in new Orleans that’s lower level kind of stuff

  5. It would really help if half you “killers” knew what the fuck you were talking about! First off BB’s are round they don’t have points the ammo that you are referring to are called pellets. “Silencers” are called suppressor’s! As far as the guy needing a 9 mm magnum, good luck considering there is no such thing it is called a 9mm Winchester magnum also known as the 9x29mm, two gun companies produced these and the caliber never caught on, I thinking you mean a 9mm! If you are going to talk at least know what the hell you’re talking about! Idiots! As far as Mister badass Glock man, I can assure you a berretta will “kill shit” as you put it. Invade my house and you will see that my tactical 12g will stop you and your Glock 17. I don’t ever comment, but this shit you guys are talking makes you sound like you’ve never touched a gun. I don’t know shit about being a hit man nor do I claim to, but I do know a thing or two about guns!

  6. -to “slow death” yes they are real, try the deep web and you can find lots of them i’d say the average price is about $50,000 but it depends on a lot of things including: location of target, traveling cost, cost of ‘materials’, how much information you can provide, and the time-frame.
    -to “marshez” what the fuck did you just say?
    -to “007” thank you for the laughs, wait, what? you were serious, i just…don’t even…
    -to “dumbasswannabethugs” you my friend i like
    -to “nihm” would you like to help me test your Beretta theory?

  7. First off the idea of anyone of the readers becoming a “hit-man” as you say is hilarious. Second, becoming a killer requires you to kill someone, so inless you’ve got no qualms with taking a human life, are clinically dubed mentaly insane, or desperate enough to do it; then go right ahead and get contracted, attempt to kill your target, then go to prison for a long time. Also the fbi, nsa and etc flagg these articles so all of you-inless using a secure device and link- have been put in a folder for further investigation appon suspicioun so good luck getting away with that. Sure it pays well but don’t for one second believe that your the only one looking through a scope-to say- most likely if u tried to hit anyone big youd end up dead yourself

  8. I’m not a moron. I don’t kill unless the money is for kill a terrorist that no one else knows about or not doing something about it.

  9. I like to called demolition because I like to blow stuff up. When needed of course and for the heck of it some times on halo.
    In real life its a last resort.

    1. you’re a fucking idiot! i have extensive training in weapons and hand to hand combat. i also play video games and they are nothing alike. how many guns do you own i personally own 27 and know to shoot, maintain and fix on my own. i shoot 3 moa at 600 yards. do you even know what moa means. dumbass

  10. If you want to see how meat me on halo 4 I’ll be using the gamer tag called unjusttrash14 I only use this on sertent days other times its my little brother or little sister’s or me for fun.

  11. I’m also a par time bounty hunter. I like to hunt and the hitman gig is when I like to or need to kill.

  12. You think you know what its like to be a killer?
    You have no idea.
    You can judge and speak about weapons and bullets all you like.
    But until you pull the trigger and take a life, your opinion is not relevent.
    It’s not like the movies or your video games. You have to be smarter and always 3 steps ahead of everyone.
    Killing a target is harder than it looks, you have to observe them everyday know their life inside and out. You get to know your mark their likes, dislikes, favorite song which way they drive home what they eat. Its intimate and dangerous. I like to think there are two types of mercs, the good and the great.

    The good can kill just fine get away remove their trace and just keep running.

    The great well….. The great do not exist their ghosts theres no need to run because you could never find them, they are the people in the background when you walk through a crowd the faces you see when you sleep. The great are naturally adept at killing, like for example someone has a knack for computers, they would have no problem tracing my ip to try and find me. Likewise the great would have no problem killing me a ‘break in gone bad’ or a ‘accident at home’ no one would ever suspect a thing……..right?

  13. Beautiful 21 gun and forensic expert looking for work. I would consider myself the perfect person for any job, I am the last person anyone would expect . Could you really see a 4’10 woman as a problem fixer. I have lost everything in my life all I have left are my dogs, so have no family. I also have no problem fixing and job. Give me the skills and the job and it will get done. I have no criminal record and nothing to lose. You scratch my back and I will do the same, I have sniper training thanks to a U.S.M.C. sargent, along with hand to hand combat.

  14. hey.. pretty interesting.. i want someone to teach how to do this killing thing better.. i want become one. email me @maryshy411.gmail.com

  15. Hey you can call me Johnson. I’m interested to become a trained hitman just for a purpose to help my country, I will be glad if you can train me or help me straighten this country.

    Thank you and I will look forward to read from you soonest.


  16. Wow to read all the comments and realize how ignorant people really are is truly a laugh. to correct a few erroneous statements yes they exist no not all are ex military. its nothing like what’s seen in movies. no it doesn’t have to be a lonely life it does however require a high degree of intellingence and a lot of training. patience is your great ally. in point of fact guns are used quite often depending on the clients wishes. Still the amount of ignorance present among the masses is astounding and did give me a good laugh.

  17. young assasin looking for work preffered to be paid in cash am willing to do any dirty job please contact me on this email: midnight.murderess@yahoo.com.au

    any inquires please feel free to ask. i killed my mother at the age of 14 and my stepfather at the age of 15. my records are quite simple but i do my job well and thouroughly.

  18. I’m a 16 year old boy an I want to be trained to be a hitman in the USA.I live in south africa.And i’ve been inspired by the movies i’ve been watching,I can do anything to become a private assasine hitman in usa.please HELP.
    Contact number-0761423610′

  19. I am bored and Life isn’t quite working out I very much prefer to be alone . I would like to be an assassin or “Hit man” and If any one or country or organization is recruiting, I would like to join.
    Thank you.

  20. well..i guess the best way to get into that business and make a name for yourself would be to search for someone that a lot of ppl want to see dead. i wouldn’t go for politicians, they are just puppets and way too risky. so i’m thinking…mb some CEO’s or 2nd’s in management from big name companies that are in no way related or protected by any organized crime syndicates (dont want to mess with them). i would search in the finance branche, banks asf. a lot of ppl including myself want to see some bankers hang for various reasons. they scam ppl, take their money, live excessive lifestyles and tell their victims “oh it was your own fault” and then leave and get protected by our corrupt system. they build their existance on ruining lives of others, and then brag about it by a glass of chardonnay on their private jachts. if you follow economics you know that nowadays they can even bring down the economy of a whole country and bet on it like it was a fucking game (f.e. greece, argentina). I wouldn’t mind killing guys like that, absolutely no moral conflict..in some cases i would even feel good about 1 less parasite on this planet. they are good and probably lucrative targets.
    the downside:
    1.its not easy to get to them, its not like they live amongst regular ppl. and they probably dont live in your neighbourhood..so you have to think about going to a diffrent country, you need acces to fake passports and whatever illegal stuff u need for that job, you should be able to speak the language, you should be a good actor and have a reliable 2nd life. in short..you need money. the payment should be at least 20 times or more of what you spent, or else its not worth it…but if u can get all that for very cheap then good for you.
    2. you wont be the guy “who only kills ppl that deserve it”…u need to account for “colleteral damage”..its unavoidable in some cases as i imagine. the less you account for it the less options or ways you have to complete your goal. unless you are lucky and the target has a peenut allergy or something like that:)
    3. you need good intel..how do you get that …no clue to be honest. mb some fake phonecalls..mb darknet. gather information the old school way.
    4. chances are high that you probably wont die from natural causes.
    5. you probably wont be able to spend all that hard earned money anytime soon. no high life for you since you need to keep a low profile.

    obvious tipps(just for fun):
    -keep in mind not to do too many contracts in the same area or even country. guess i dont need to tell you that..but its the reason most ppl get cought.
    -do a backround check on anyone involved
    -trust no one (obvious, but so many times disregarded). work alone.
    -corruption is wide spread and almost anyone is buyable or has a pressure point (one of the reasons you need good intel)
    -dont do it if you have any personal steak in it. unless its live or die.
    -dont do it for excitement. its just stupid and you will fail, as so many did before you.
    -i guess the chance of you making it out (alive, free and mentaly stable) is about 1 to 1’000’000 (wild guess). consider that.
    -it will take a lot of your time if you rly want to do it right.
    -take your time for each individual target.
    – dont work for the mafia (high risk targets, not trustworthy, bad payment, you will end up dead)
    -make it look like an accident
    -dont get yourself in a situation where you need to clear your traces…just dont leave any or make them so obvious that anybody could have done it. or fake them for double profit;)
    -always have an alliby(obv.)
    -dont do that sort of job longer than 6 jears. it highly lowers the chance of you ending up in jail or get found dead in some shitty ass appartement somewhere in bangkok;)
    -and of course…..always wear a nice hat:)

    soo..that was fun…of course this is all rethorical since i dont rly have a clue wtf i’m talking about. but i hope to inspire some youngsters to do the right thing:) and kill some of those sleezy business-smile bankers!!! they make me sick..
    happy hunting!!

  21. I am 13 and I want to be a hitman if I’m trained good enough i can kill anybody so I u hit man can track me down or somting me so I can train me or something I’ll run away just find me Houston Texas not going to give my adress because of the other peaple so find me I’ll do any body

  22. want a hitman I am a fully trained military man was trained as a raccie in the parabats became a scout and sniper I will neck off your grandmother for the right price !”” don’t care a f…k who you want knocked off for the right price I’ll do it! just let me know !”

  23. You stupid fucks aha for a start if any of you are serious ur going cocompletely wrong about it go to ur local biker drug dealers etc.. not putting itit all over the Internet or go to someone you know who’s life has been fucked by someone I’m pretty sure they will need someone wackin!

    1. Fuck u all little shits don’t know what it takes to kill let me know when u have balls to kill anyone no matter what happens I mad 100,000 in one day and y’all cal yourself hitman keep pretending and you will be next and it won’t be up to me the boss hates imposters

  24. You only live for 100 (if that) years, so what the hell! Screw government, world peace and the next generation. I’d be willing to kill some b!tches for cash, no problemo. Numero uno and all.

  25. I love how it’s always the grammatically incorrect “I failed high school” type people that want to be an assassin. You have to be pretty damn intelligent, especially when it comes to chemicals. Disentigrating a body to absolutely nothing is easier than trying to hide said body or ship it across the country. You could always eat said body, but there are different strokes for different folks. And then you’d be left with bones! Certain chemicals can melt said bones in seconds. It isn’t about speed or how well you handle your bloody weapons. It’s about having an overly superior mind and knowing how to use these powers to your advantage. Good luck to any of you petty fools that wish to die doing jobs that come easy to those of brilliant minds.

      1. Yeah, Snatch, that was a pretty good film. Bricktop was brilliant. I thought Brad Pitt did pretty well as a gypsy/Irish/whatever, too. Why not mention a wood chipper next? You know, like Fargo.

    1. If it weren’t for the idiots like them our prisons would be empty. Then what would all the wardens and prison guards do? Not to mention police, the courts, social workers, the NRA, gun manufacturers, etc. Without those patriotic morons the country (which ever country you live in) would go bankrupt. We should be thanking these mental midgets for propping up our economy, providing employment opportunities for millions.

  26. McKenna draper u r imposter u have hit issued on u from head quarters and I have accepted it see u later but u won’t see me

    1. There’s a sign up sheet in your special ed class. Just take the short bus to school and ask the pretty teacher lady.

      1. Jorma, I can go through all the comments and see you replying to them and saying this is all a joke, don’t be a dick, i mean you see all of the comments on jobs that were interested in pulling the trigger for any job, i’m nit saying i will, but somebody else might.

  27. We can all become hitman and create one organization to put down all the corrupt cops. Thats the only reason i will love to become a hitman. Im tired of this cops corruption shit,they can do whatever ther want and get away with everything. When this world open theirs eyes and fight that?
    If we come all together and fight this shit, it will be over. But everybody is scare to take the first step and make a difference. TOGETHER WE CAN CHANGE THE WORLD !

    1. I agree. We should all just form an alliance of Hitmen to wipe the world from corrupted cops and The other pests of humanity.

  28. Stumbled across this article reading other pointless shit on yahoo. Most of you don’t even use proper grammar, which implies you lack the intellect necessary to be a hitman, “Nuff said”.

  29. I agree their are too many bad people who are supported by law enforcement agencies . their eliminations are necessary for good people . after all an evil can only defeated by an better evil

  30. I just think , though I am a girl and a chemist , I still need one more person to assist me . I can do the quick cut and the other can help me dissolve. The fact is, I already thought through all the process within watching target, planning method and clean off . Even the consequences if I step in for real from now , but since I got nobody and I decided to sell my soul to devil , I am fearless. I am looking forward to make my first move, though I still need one more person .

      1. Hey my name is nieshia I would love to work for u but I live I n Omaha an wherever u r at I can’t cone but if u come to me I will listen to u at all times

  31. I bought eight flowers today. You didn’t take one. I’ll meet you at seven tomorrow. Be sure to bring two of them. I only have three. Hurry up I go to bed at nine. I think you should two. 7 days and 9 months brings a child. I’ll see you two on the other side.

  32. guys. guys. Instead of commenting I WANT TO BE A HITMAN find someone stupid enough to comment it and ya know find there email and email them ask them, wanna be hitmen together, but at the same time you might be better on your own and also BUY PIGS they will get rid of all evidence. Goodnight sweet children of the hitmen community. LOL

    1. You are not a contractor, you are just as silly as I am unable to sleep or relax.
      Rest assured, you provide numbers but fail to realize that you can be tracked to your own home if you troll a little more, and if you do something unintelligent, can and will even result in you providing enough formidable evidence to warrant a entry to your “crib”.

  33. Anyone foolish enough to take this website seriously should take caution and evaluate their own intelligence, and ethics because you never know if you are being watched, or monitored by those that work for a specific job detailing the arrest, interrogation, and sentencing and jailing of morally depraved individuals.

  34. Honestly you older gentlemen and rednecks don’t have what it takes to commit to a hit. First off your being monitored as we speak by the government, and they are waiting for you to pull the trigger. You need to stop sending emails and phone calls, and meet up at a secure location. Your best bet is to only make communication in Real life and not on the Grid. Keep all work in the real world, and always have a case buried with clothes, a revolver and 2,000 in cash

  35. lol half of yall dumb asses will probably be in jail before your comment get a chance to post i come from a whole city and half of my family is doing life for different murders and just ask sammy “the rat” gravano the shit is all chicken n bread while you on the street putting in that “real” work but wait till around 3am when you sitting in county jail waiting to be arraigned on charges of “conspiracy to commit murder” which carries a minimum life sentence now…reality gonna smack the living dog shit out of you after you realize you getting a life sentence for some dumb shit you was joking about online …..its all fun and games until you lose YOUR MANHOOD IN THE STATE PEN..the whole time i was in jail i thought about ways to kill myself 24/7 and i actually come from the street and have been in the game since i was 4 years old and i can bet my dick and both my balls on the fact you couldnt kill a fucking goldfish if your life depended on it…i spent 19 months on tour in al anbar province,iraq and kuwait and killing aint what its cracked up to be i can tell you that from my heart….does it sound too appetizing after you kill in defense at close range to the point brain matter splashes into your mouth upon impact of the bullet and after you do that usually you vomit or piss yourself its a natural reaction….look if you wanna get your kill jollys off just join the army marines or become a navy seal thats the only fields where infantry is actually within shooting distane other than that the online hitman classified shit just gonna get you a life sentence for some shit you was just joking about but the printout of this page will be presented in court as conspiracy to commit murder so make sure you pack your washcloth and toothbrush because you going on a longgggg vacation courteousy of STUPIDITY… real hitmen connect to a network and operate usally no longer than 10 years look at the iceman he was the fuckin best but still slipped up so think before you type about a fuckin fantasy that can land you in ADX COLORADO ON 23 HOUR LOCKDOWN for all eternity

  36. No guns, no weapons, but i’ll get the job done

    no women (unless real cunts or permanently bitchy negroes) and no kids under 10 (unless real a-holes)

    can perform specific tasks on victims (rape, torture, etc). I once had a guy simply want his ex girlfriends face washed with acid so she’d be ugly

    Call Artyom. Dont consider me a fool though 703 582 4636. You pay for my travel expenses, and i love to travel

    1. Is your permanent residence in Alexandria, Virginia? Or are you just there for a hit? But you were certainly there yesterday but who knows where you might of gone now/ 😉

  37. Hope you’re all using non personal email addresses and running proxies to hide your IP Addresses. Otherwise they basically have all your information already bahaha

  38. I will be in the food court of Tysons Corner Mall August 30, 2015 to meet with any potential clients. Keep in mind, however, I do NOT end my target’s life, I simply insult them so hard they WISH they were dead. Very versatile, making use of physical shortcomings, past failures, and emotional weaknesses, I guarantee the target will be so butt-hurt, they won’t show their face in public for weeks.

    Received early training at an exclusive middle school, followed by four years in a private boarding school that offered a wide variety of poor, minority and ethnically diverse students full scholarships to provide a target-rich environment for the asshats in training the institution was known for.

    Gabriel Aloe Vera
    Tactical Lead – Mockivelian Strategies, Inc.

  39. First thing hav fake id,lots of em like i do.never get sim cards with proper documents(i usually change a lot,a new no. Everymonth.)get them in black its easily available.buy some 2nd-3rd hand cell from any repair shop & with a black card .give customers a new no to cntct. after jobs done dispose of the material. getting customers is your job.

    1. I’m fucking American and I know that much….. But that don’t mean you can’t die the same fucking way as the stupid American…. Remember that

    1. And I’m sick of all the talking
      Now I’m stalking you, waiting by the door that you’ll be walking through
      No disguise so you can recognize my face
      And all the shame and disgrace will be the reason I dismantle you
      I handle you like a candle
      Break you in half and then I laugh at you
      Soak you in gas and make you flammable
      I burned the body and I gathered the ash
      And then I sprinkle the lagoon every time I get the chance

  40. We can all become hitman and create one organization to put down all the corrupt cops. Thats the only reason i will love to become a hitman. Im tired of this cops corruption shit,they can do whatever ther want and get away with everything. When this world open theirs eyes and fight that?
    If we come all together and fight this shit, it will be over. But everybody is scare to take the first step and make a difference. TOGETHER WE CAN CHANGE THE WORLD !

  41. In order for me to be a hitman, you have to supply with all the artillert. Also during the process I’ll need some breif information, so I could do these clean. I don’t plan on having alot of trouble because it wastes my time. I am fit for the job because I am a Silent Assassin.

  42. This has to be a joke right.. ?? Yes.. post all over social media where anyone can view it to include law enforcement?.. how dumb are some yall.. if yall wanna really be a hitman. Did u really think it would be so easy as posting on a Web page like it’s a goddamn Craigslist ad????

  43. You just have to join any government agency then you can kill whoever and how many you want and you get paid every week. Christ man,people have no clue the guvmint kill a thousand times more than the mafia.just axe the Indians.i mean what can be better Than kill in a Leroy and tax payers have to foot the bill to bury thr mutt

        1. No, The government is as it seems (assuming this discussion is of America). The only possible way such a thing could possibly happen, is if government officials kept such matters behind closed doors, and paid large sums of money to people to shut them up. Along with very professional procedural methods that would allow them to choose the most possible candidates for such shady positions. It is possible but highly unlikely, because many people would find out. Once people find out, they have to be silenced. There is many ways to do this, tell them if they keep quiet they will be paid a lot, or if they don’t accept that, kill them, and that my friend, is where hitmen get involved. With power comes great insecurity, because when you are known, at least someone will hate you.

          1. You clearly underestimate the United States government my friend; hundreds of billions of tax dollars are spent on defense contracts the public doesn’t know and hell, they couldn’t care less about it.

  44. I would recommend intelligence in this sort of situation.
    This sight is quite on spot, in regards to the knowledge, and awareness, of “Contract For Hire’s”.
    But, as you’ve all seemed to have missed, they mention “FBI” several times.
    “Contracts For Hire’s are descreet, careful to the point and hide within the shadows.
    To summarize what I’m saying, this website’s run by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
    And rightly so.
    You see, unintelligent individuals, much like yourselves, think that it’s cool in some way or another to act like you’re “Killers’.
    You’re not.
    But now the Fedeal Bureau of Investigation is able to search through your emails, with dull authorization by the way, find out who are, what you’re like, who you talk to, and believe me, they know the broad with the ugly Dave but decent as that fucking as well now.
    With all of that information, I’d say it would make just a fine profile.
    Personalities are easiest to fimd out, the more that you put a front on.
    Congratulations, you’re now quite possibly on the F.B.I’s watch list.

    1. Hey! Thanks for your comment. I don’t think we’re run by the FBI – and if we are, they owe us a lot of back pay.
      Remember that the info here is for educational purposes only. Don’t break the law, and you generally don’t have much to fear. I won’t say you have nothing to fear, since that obviously not true, but certainly less than if you break the law.

      So read away, and we certainly won’t send any guys to your door. If they arrive, that’s all your own doing.

  45. mann, what cn i say more
    it is not more then a brain suck
    more then that im ready to pay anything if u kill my language(hindi) teacher

  46. Either this or a mercenary is what I want to be. Someone with a gun that wants to kill peeps for money. That’s basically it. And let me tell ya, I’m fit for the job.

    1. Haai Big D ! to be honest with you, I am dying to become one of the most feared professional hitman, not by choice but by the hardship of life and poverty and inferiority I experience on daily basis, looking for work and not getting employed, this is a job that needs your guts and sober mind and I AM JUST THAT!!! I WON’T HESITATE IF I CAN BE HIRED, GIVE ME MY FAVOURATE LUGER PISTOL WITHOUT ANY CRIMINAL RECORD, AND WILL DO IT WITHOUT REMORSE AS LONG AS THE PAY IS GOOD…

      1. Affirmative, when you are ready for training , email the business line. be prepared, you may want to aquire a team for training . (drematic1@gmal.com) mark as priority.

        p.s. keep it discreet

    2. There are many reasons to offer what I call eye for an eye. People who destroy lives deserve to die in my opinion. There are many people who fall into this category and under many circumstances. The law is simply too lax. It has too many loopholes and there are too many bottom feeders all trying to get their slice of the pie on some else’s hardship. The blogger says it is psychopathic to kill others. Why, because we are human? A supposedly higher species that should value life more? This is absolutely false. We don’t seem to have a problem with it in war do we? How many people have died in the name of God? How many people’s lives destroyed by financial schemes? If you are smart you do your research yourself around the contracts offered. Only an idiot kills recklessly.

  47. I’d like a job like this ridding the country of insolent fools and getting paid for it and it also seems fun to get around live on edge give life purpose excitement

  48. I’d like to be one of your contractors.I know there are few you people chosen to become one of yours….But I promise you i’ll never disappoint you.

  49. Affirmative, when you are ready for training , email the business line. be prepared, you may want to aquire a team for training . (drematic1@gmail.com) mark as priority.

    p.s. keep it discreet

  50. Affirmative, when you are ready for training , email the business line. be prepared, you may want to aquire a team for training . (drematic1@gmal.com) mark as priority.

    p.s. keep it discreet

  51. i don’t have a problem killing people for a living I have good knowledge of computer science. I my spare time I get my self in to my government software so I am looking forward to become a hitman or a spy.

  52. Look I’m 12 a hitman shud find me in London I’m already in very good condition I’m very skilled with knifes and I rlly wud like to be trained and kill people I feel I could be 1 of the greatest hit men of all time so plz contact me on imakingoftheworld@outlook.com and again I want to be a hitman rlly badly thank you for your time

    1. I suppose we could Skype, however, direct teaching is impossible due to my living in a different country. Email me at this e-mail for more information, please note that the e-mail doesn’t belong to me, it’s sort of my masquerade. xandermercury3@gmail.com.

  53. Hey ppl do you really think this type of convo is wise on an open page? I would like to become a Contract killer for THE RIGHT REASONS, like working for the FBI or CIA or any gouverment instatute, no matter which country. I am a very good shot, I can shoot a Coca Cola cab on a 1000 feet. Please send me a mail on gideondebeer45@gmail.com if your intrested in hiring me.

    1. Seriously? Have you even seen Jason Bourne? The government couldn’t give less of a shit about ‘the right reasons’, all they care about is destroying anyone who gets in their way. Hitmen at least have the balls to not just pretend like their job has anything to do with morals; we kill for money.

  54. I want a job, I’m very Hungary I’m homeless I’m all alone, I like killing everything especially humans, give me targets and I’ll take em down for a good amount of £ so contact me asap I wanna do this.

  55. bunch of fucking morons in the comments.

    Btw I have a contract on my head and this shit has ruined my life and my family thinks im nuts because of it. its fucked up, and makes you nothing but a chump. these people are cowards and im scared that ill either shoot someone and go to prison and be killed in there or be killed out here. Wanna know what i did? I told this guy i fucked his gf when i was 17 over the internet and he used his connections and money to fuck me over for it. killing innocent people is not cool

    1. don’t worry life is a lie and death is the painful truth and hit men are just the bringers of truth and there is no such thing as an innocent person

      1. Yeah well if these truth bringing hitmen give me a legal reason I’ll blow their brains out. So whatever mate I value my life

      2. idk if you know what i’m talking about, because I know these fucks have alot of pull and can do pretty extraordinary things to monitor me. But if you do just know i’m not a regular shmegular dumb ass that will be easy to off without getting caught. If you don’t know what i’m talking about then disregard this

    2. ill help you if you got the money to pay me to get this contract off of your head for good supply me with the money and the place and the name of the person that is hunting you down then you wont have a contract on your head any more

    3. It’s important in such a position to have knowledge that who you are killing is morally okay. Meaning that the person you are after is NOT innocent. These standards are only for hitmen with moral. Which there will be few of.

      Supply me with information of who is after you, and if possible, there contractor.

      1. If i do decide to be one i will only take hits on which the person deserves it. I will do research on my own to make sure and kill only people such as murderers, rapist, and such who either are not in jail or already out of jail

    4. First of all, no one is innocent. We all have done something to lock us up. Calling a hitman a coward is irrelevant. Remember, a coward sees tomorrow while the hero is decomposing.

    5. “A lawyer’s job has nothing to do with being morally or politically correct; a lawyer’s job is to do their god damn job.” -Dwight Eisenhower

  56. Hello, teenage male here. Ready for any job that is available… i do have real life experience in firearms, specifically handguns and rifles.

  57. if someone will give me the training to become a hitman i know how to kill all you have to do is supply the weapons and the clientell so any one that is willing to train a male teenager i will carry out the job without mercy and with justice swift and quick death so reply to me at any time

    1. Rephrase your words. Going to such places as ISIL territory is going to require knowledge of stealth. Your age as a teenager is also a huge problem due to your young appearance, which will make people think lesser of you, and in many countries you will be blocked from many important abilities due laws that are based on age. Your body is not yet developed completely for non amateur tasks. Grow up a few years, learn proper grammar, study how to use guns, and illegal travel methods. Return to this page and meet me, for contracts of 10 grand and above.

      1. You can use being young to your advantage because people will underestimate you and not think of you as a serious threat and then, BAM! There dead because of a bullet through c3 in the spine.

  58. There is no such thing as a hollyood type hitman, its either an employee paid a bonus to “improve” their own organisation, or opportunists looking for a quick buck.
    The latter has a 2 hit shelf life at best.

    1. Tried starting an agency out in Chad Africa called Pedocide. I figured I had a non competitive business when all I really had was shit. No one has money to pay for the kind of service they need for closure.
      My neice was sexually molested dozens of times. She and her cousin were when they were three by a 53 year old man. That’s what made me want to start this company. It’s not anywhere worth being a contracted and compensated hitman.

    2. Tried starting an agency out in Chad Africa called Pedocide. I figured I had a non competitive business when all I really had was shit. No one has money to pay for the kind of service they need for closure.
      My neice was sexually molested dozens of times. She and her cousin were when they were three by a 53 year old man. That’s what made me want to start this company. It’s not anywhere worth being a contracted and compensated hitman.

  59. I only kill bad people. My father taught me the code when I was young so I wouldn’t get caught. Helps that my sister is the lieutenant of homicide.

  60. There’s no training in the world to train a roofer. Same with being a hitman. You take a risk and must be very good at what you do. Remember that at every homicide there’s evidence left behind.
    Little men would be my choice to hire because they can cross-dress. Sadly,
    Women can’t be hitwomen. Their bladders are small in order to bare children….that’s why they always have to pee.
    By the time they return the mark is long gone. No offense though, women make better police and firefighters. No? How many towns were burned down over police brutality by female officers?

  61. There’s no training in the world to train a roofer. Same with being a hitman. You take a risk and must be very good at what you do. Remember that at every homicide there’s evidence left behind.
    Little men would be my choice to hire because they can cross-dress. Sadly,
    Women can’t be hitwomen. Their bladders are small in order to bare children….that’s why they always have to pee.
    By the time they return the mark is long gone. No offense though, women make better police and firefighters. No? How many towns were burned down over police brutality by female officers?

  62. You want to become a successful hitman, just look at Jason Bourne. Seriously. A person like that goes into every single situation knowing exactly what they are going to do to maintain their cover, because at all times during the contract (particularly right after the kill), confidentiality takes top priority.
    Escape plans are formed simply by investigating the area surrounding the potential setting for the execution; using anything from alleyways to the crowd on the subway to avoid any authoritative contact. Getaway locations are key; a spot close to the aforementioned setting that can still maintain tight discretion will serve your needs.
    Fake passports, fake driver’s licenses, fake IDs of any sort and cash are wonderful things to keep possession of when freelancing as a hitman. This is just going back to discretion and confidentiality; no matter what, you and your location should remain secret from any potential prosecutors.
    If anyone is interested in learning more, just leave me a reply and perhaps we can discuss some opportunities. After all, what would the business world be without a little networking?

  63. Call me Luther; 4 years spent on covert operations with the U.S. Special Forces with 37 confirmed kills (dozens more that went off record), left with the rank of Staff Sergeant to go into privatized killing. Found ’employment’ within mafias and gangs, most of which didn’t suit my needs; you won’t be hearing much from them anymore. I am now running my own business; Bullet For A Rose, serving all your violent needs. Contact me if you need any…assistance.

  64. does anyone realize that this page is most definitely being tracked by government agencies including FBI, CIA, and NSA.

    Seriously, you people are idiots…

          1. Yes I use a Proxy permanently whenever I use Tor and a adblocker browser for the clearnet. But like all hackers I must say even the most expensive security system has a hole in it.

  65. Hi, if a hit man is ever reading this then please teach me how to become you!
    I’m only a teenager so I have a lot of years to train

    Please I’m so interested in becoming a hit man, pls don’t think ill of me

    Constant me if you’re interested


    Hire our Professional Killers
    EMAIL: sambakerben147@gmail.com
    NB:Send us your mission using the Email above and we will call you.
    NB:Committment Fees:USD $100
    No business without the payment of commitment fees in advance

    Here at Hire-A-Killer, we work for you, Our top notch team of expert killers is looking to make your life simpler and happier.
    Senior citizens
    customer service representatives
    celebrities/politicians/business tycoons, etc.
    AS A CUSTOMER, you are in total control of your target’s fate. We offer a
    variety of possible solutions accustomed to your specific needs:
    accident (car, drowning, etc.)
    killer’s choice
    We understand that by requesting services from Hire-a-Killer.com, you are
    taking a risk. That is why we have designed a system that allows for
    smooth, efficient transactions without the legal hassle. Transfers are
    made anonymously using Western Union, and communication with customers
    is carried out through e-mails, which are promptly deleted after being read through.

  67. An old neighbor once paid me $5 to kill a spider on her wall. I was very swift and made the spider suffer by pulling its legs off one at a time. I let it wiggle on the floor before delivering it the final blow which involved a can of hairspray and lighter. I then scooped it up and flushed it down the toilet leaving no trace behind.
    I am a professional.

  68. It is very hard to become one. You need to be normal in front of every body. You need to learn every possible thing that you can learn. You have to create your own world. You need to have different personalities . You need to change your appearance from place to place. Ahh. In this reality we need a family ,school,profession, a good job. So we can’t be caught. You can do your job while working . sneak out. While on trip, while on beach, every where where no one can notice that it is you. It is a good job . but you have to be genius . otherwise you will end up on bar’s . you need to be fat sometimes or tin. It always depends on situations. — take care. Love your family so you have someone to hold on.

  69. Through the Grace of God, I managed to stay out of the game for almost 7 years…

    Got out clean ,started to concentrate only on my Family and my legal ,Electrical business.

    Then… Last week on, 06 February 2018, at 21:50…
    Two guys walked into my house gunpointed my wife ,kids and me…
    Demanding, we hand over our firearms to them. Shot at me ,but into the kitchen tile as they left without our firearms. Leaving my wife and kids with the” Scars” ,which gonna stay with them for life…

    Now, for the past week I feel it is difficult to blank that out…
    I consider going back into the game which I know … Once I’m In ,I can’t get out so easy again…

    And I’m the tipe of person… If I start something, I must complete it , to the best of my capabilities.

    So now , Im feeling, observing a lot, thinking and waiting…
    Only GOD knows

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