“Hit Man” – Publishing the whole book!

A while back, we promised that we would publish the whole book by Rex Feral – “Hit Man – a Technical Manual for Independent Contractors”, and doing so has taken some time. We’ve had some discussion on the motivation behind doing this, and also if we should actually do it at all. As you may have gleaned from the headline here, we’ve decided to do it.

Unlike other publications of the book online, we’ve decided to place some helpful links and pictures here and there in the text, to help you get a frame of reference for the material, as well as some pointers to resources mentioned in the book already, or we’ve identified a few other places and resources that have cropped up since the book was written.

So why publish a book that teaches people how to be a hitman? Well, because we believe that disclosing information makes it possible to make educated choices in life, and we also believe that censorship is the work of the devil. So to speak. So here it is. Remember, boys and girls, that the Hit Man book is for reference, informational and educational purposes only. We mean that. Do not attempt, do not break the law, do not transfer the book’s teachings into “real life”.

So, read it, check out the links and see what you see.

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