Colter Brian is a former private investigator/photographer and now a freelance writer.  When he writes, he contributes to sites such as Online Searches.  Some of Colter’s hobbies include spending time in the outdoors and perfecting his pasta recipes for his toughest critics; namely his two children.

Let’s face it; our modern world is a busy one.  Busy and often at times, unsettling.  It’s hard not to read the headlines without some kind of dire predictions in regards to our lackluster economy, strife-riddled politics and our ever-changing societal landscape.  Partisan politics, gun control debates and a general sense of vulnerability seems to pervade our everyday lives, so how do we keep our minds at ease and our family’s lives safer despite all the doom and gloom?

Here are a few tips below that can help us gain control in our lives, and to keep us ‘proactive’ rather than ‘reactive’ in our search to keep the peace.

  • Work place: If you are a small business owner or just an employee who wonder who they are really working with.  And in our often unpredictable world, having this valuable information will help keep you and your family much safer.  It won’t necessarily predict a person’s future behavior, but you’ve probably heard the old adage, ‘the past can often predict the future’.  As in a person who has consistently shown negative consequences, could also continue this cycle but this time involving you as well.  By learning about a coworker’s past you either give you a little peace of mind, or could have you keep a wearier eye upon them.  Logging on to can be the first step to calming your anxious mind, for a nominal fee you can find out exactly who you are spending a large part of your day with.
  • Schools: No doubt, 2012 ended om a tragic note, and though no one can ever predict the mind and choices of a mentally ill person, however, giving you and your children a little extra benefit to who they go to school with couldn’t hurt and ultimately could end up preventing future issues.  Though through the public schools systems, all employees (janitors through principals) are thoroughly vetted, that doesn’t mean anyone who walks through their schoolhouse doors, can’t potentially have unsavory intentions.  Learn who else might share classroom time with them; tutors, vendors, and assistants may not ever get that extra eye upon them unless you do it yourself.
  • Coaches/Tutors: Unfortunately, we do indeed like in a world that we do have to worry and protect our children at all costs, and this means who they spend an inordinate amount of time with.  If your children are active in sports, then you need to know exactly what kind of person is spending extra hours around them, or out-of-town weekend tournaments together.Don’t forget, even though most sports associations require background screenings, not everyone does.  As a matter of fact, you son’s scout leader may not even been required to have ANY screening involved, something that seems incredible in this day and age.
  • Neighbors:  That new neighbor of yoursseems a little too friendly; he waves to you every time you get of your car and keeps his gaze upon you a little too long.  He may seem nice enough, but when you look him up online you noticed that he’s had a prior restraining order against an ex-girlfriend, the warning bells start to ring in your head.  You can’t force him to move away, but you can keep yourself safer by knowing their past, to make sure you are locking doors and having a wary eye upon them.Remember, ‘knowledge is power’ and will help give you comfort and a leg up with any future issues, if you know ahead of time that someone may have potential violent tendencies, then you can make that emergency call without any regrets or worries.

At the end of the day, we can never read the minds of others and predict how they may react and behave on a daily basis, but we can do those things to make ourselves safer by knowing who we live with and who our children attend school with.  And having peace of mind that you do have some control with who you choose to associate with or allow your children play with will help bring comfort and peace, even just a little bit.  After all, we can’t foresee the future, but you can protect wherever you can, and that can probably help you sleep a little sounder at night.


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