The world of home security systems has been impacted by the information revolution just like the rest of the world.

Cool Home Security

In the past decade, we’ve seen some fascinating changes hit the home security system world. At the same time, costs for these systems have dropped dramatically, making for a much lower entry threshold.

Here are some of the coolest trends to come out of the home security system market in the past several years:

  • Wireless. This one is obvious. Wireless technology has completely turned the market on its head. Today you can install a system to protect your home without drilling holes in your walls or floors, without pushing wires through conduit, and without a ton of hassle.
    In fact, no other technology has had the deep impact on home security that wireless has had. It’s made for less expensive systems with more monitoring points and greater ranges.
  • Smartphone integration. Many home security systems now feature a variety of smartphone functionality. Want to get a text message when your alarm system is triggered? Done. Want to view a real-time list of the status of all of your sensors? Done. Want to be able to enable your alarm system from work or even view a video feed of your home? Done and done.
  • Cameras. Home security systems have had cameras for decades. Today, however, those cameras are cheaper and better than ever. There was a time when a security camera would only take still images every minute or so. Now, you can have multiple real-time cameras stationed throughout your home. The only limitation is the size of the hard drive in the control panel.
  • Home control. This is one of the newest areas to hit the home security world. More and more companies are offering ways for you to manage your entire home via their system. For example, some systems let you activate or deactivate specific electrical outlets. Others interface with certain types of appliances. The most common use of this kind of functionality is for your home’s environmental controls. You can turn on the central air, raise or lower the thermostat, and even activate humidity controls with some systems.
  • Self-monitoring. The days when you were required to pay a monthly fee to a security company to monitor your home are gone. You can still do that if you want an added layer of protection, but you can also choose a self-monitoring option. These kinds of systems alert you – rather than a security company – when one of your sensors is triggered. It’s then up to you to decide how to respond. Considering the fact that most security companies charge $50-$100 a month for monitoring, this technology can save you a ton of money if you’re on a budget.

The times are changing, and home security systems are changing with them. These technologies and others mean your home is safer today than ever. While no system can guarantee that someone won’t try to break into your house, it’s much more likely that you’ll know about it as it happens, thanks to these advances in the industry.

Madison Parker is a seasoned veteran of home security systems, and is sought after for advice by friends and strangers alike – Read more of her work at her blog Home Security Systems!


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