Guest Post: Property and Home Security Systems

When contemplating a home security system, any home-owner invariably faces a dilemma: whether to consider an all-encompassing system or just a straightforward burglar alarm. As with any potential expenditure, there is a trade-off between cost and performance. The choice isn’t always obvious as there may be reasons to opt for either end of the spectrum, as well as something between the two. Factors such as whether you have children and/or elderly relatives to protect will affect the decision. Taking outside advice may be helpful, but the following are a few points to take into account.

The Area

Are you in a low or high property crime area? Being in the former is always a great comfort, but areas can change. Burglars are creatures of habit but can suddenly change their areas of operation if policing or home-owner security installations in their preferred area make it too hot to operate there. Condolences if you are in the latter but this doesn’t make things hopeless, far from it, but clearly you’ll probably want to do more to enhance your home security.

How Vulnerable Is Your Property?

Well lit properties with secure perimeters and neighbours who could observe potential intruders and are prepared to report them, clearly have an advantage over those that don’t. Properties that are easy to access unobserved are also fundamentally harder to secure.

Appearance Of Your Property

It may seem unfair, but if you take pride in the appearance of your property and it appears to be well-kept, perhaps a little more so than your neighbours, the truth is that it will stand out. From a burglar’s perspective, it signals that the pickings are likely to be better from such a property.


Is the property often unoccupied especially at regular times of the day and night? Could a potential burglar tell this by looking at your property? Are delivered letters and other items visible to someone from outside?

Potential Countermeasures

To counter these potential threats many different security systems have been developed, to suit all budgets. The following are some of the more popular solutions.

Standard Burglar Alarm

These are triggered by a variety of methods including entry point detection, operated when doors or windows are disturbed; and movement detectors to detect an intruder who has already gained entry. Both together can increase the system’s effectiveness, if properly integrated. However if the only alarm raised is an audible one, the outcome depends upon someone else hearing it and alerting the police. If your area has regular traffic or other noise it may not be heard.

Monitored Alarm

This incorporates the same elements as an intruder alarm but is also monitored by the security firm who could alert their own personnel or the police to investigate. This has the advantage that there are professionals involved in the security of your home in real-time.

Perimeter Monitoring

This incorporates elements including security lighting, triggered by movement at the boundaries of your property and CCTV cameras to record any incidents. CCTV can also be utilised inside your home and can even be monitored remotely as an additional level of security.

Fire Alarm

Not to be forgotten. Fire can destroy your home in a very short time. An alarm can safeguard your property and its occupants and can also be remotely monitored, further enhancing your security.

Security alarms for the home shouldn’t necessarily be restricted to just a burglar alarm. There are many potential threats to home security and many corresponding security solutions. Choosing the right one for your circumstances is complex. If you have children, they may not feel unduly disturbed to be at home alone but you may feel they merit additional protection. Elderly occupants often feel they need suitable security measures. In order to decide what best serves your needs, within your budget, you may feel that taking specialist advice is helpful.

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The above article is composed and edited by Olivia Kane. She is associated with many home security communities as their freelance writer and adviser. In her free time she writes articles related to home security, home security systems, etc.

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