Whether you own your handgun for recreation or self-defense, the aim, pardon the pun, is the same; to make sure you can hit the target

Laser Sight

as fast and as accurately as possible. While there is no real replacement for practise, one small item can increase your chances at achieving both goals, a laser sight. Here are six reasons why you should have one.

1: Increased accuracy

The normal way of aiming is to line up a target in the fore and aft metal sights aligned to the weapon’s barrel or by using some sort of ranged optical sight. With a laser sight there is no need to do this as it throws a red dot on the actual object indicating where you’re aiming and giving you a clear visual marker.

2: Increased speed 

Since you will no longer have to use the standard sights, once calibrated the laser sight requires nothing more for you to literally point and shoot. There is data to show that they allow faster shooting from the hip than done from regular shoulder-level.

3: Better low visibility performance

One of the key elements of aiming is being able to see the target. This becomes a problem over long distances or in poor lighting conditions caused by a variety of factors. While not 100%, the laser sight can penetrate through a large majority of these barriers, like fog and dirt to still illuminate the target.

4: Less stress

With the accuracy, speed and spatial awareness increased over the traditional aiming methods, you will experience less stress under tough situations due to the confidence laser aiming gives you.

 5: Better training

The three basic elements of weapons training are aim, hold, squeeze. Normal circumstances would see live ammunition and a target range needed for an instructor to evaluate your ability to carry them out. With the laser sight, he can now see where you’re aiming and correct any flaws.

 6: Psychological advantage

If confronted by an aggressor he may not know your skill level with the weapon and believe you’re unable to use it properly. Having the red dot appear on his body can intimidate indicating your seriousness in disarming or even killing the attacker.

From a police application in the 70s to a popular movie prop from Arnold Schwarzenegger’s The Terminator, smaller, more powerful and efficient lasers are proving functions beyond just playing your favorite CDs, and when applied in a laser sight is possibly the shooting advantage you are seeking.

Christa Blair writes for AlliedTactical.Com a website specializing on lasers for pistols, body armor and other tactical gears.


  1. I would add a 7th reason… the courts have supported a persons right to shoot an attacker armed with a knife if they are within 21 feet… as that distance can be crossed in 1 & 1/2 seconds. With a laser… a quick flash in the eyes of an attacker with a knife still 20+ feet away can cause temporary blindness…causing them to flinch or squint their eyes… buying you precious time to fight or flee. Shooting is not always the best option…. because then the legal system kicks in.


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