Strictly speaking, this has little to do with security, but it’s just so odd that we have to allow some astonished commentary. After all, it’s Sunday, and Sundays are a little more laid-back than other days. Except in Denmark, where apparently, the world has been turned upside down, which can make anyone a little tense.

It seems that the “gay community” in Denmark has abandoned everything that that very community all over the world has worked for over the past 30-odd years, and decided on a more fascist line of thinking. In a freak move, owners of “gay bars” have evicted straight couples for such things as kissing in “their” bars, because that kind of thing is, apparently, “too provocative”. Coming from a community that does this to flaunt their sexuality. In a series of freakish statements, owners and representatives from the gay community have said that “their” bars have been “flooded” by straight people, and bouncers have been told do, in short, discriminate based on the patrons’ sexuality, who they let in or not. Which seems… illegal. Yep, that’s the word I was looking for.

In a shockingly ignorant statement to newspaper Jyllandsposten, “gay-bar” owner Christian Carlsen says:
“The whole debate centers on the fact that the gay community is very interesting for straights (sic) to visit, but they don’t always respect that they’re in a gay bar. There aren’t that many [gay bars] left in Copenhagen, and gays have difficulties going out to other places and hitting on someone they think might be gay.”

The owner of “Cosy Bar“, Camilla Lantz, doesn’t live up to her bar’s name either. In a separate statementto Jyllandsposten, she says:

Too provocative for Danish gays...

“For a time, 65 – 70% of the guests were straight. That was too many, and I had to do something about it.” 

Camilla is basically telling the newspaper that her bouncers now screen the line based on sexuality, aiming for a ~70% gay patronage. At least.

A community that has fought for equality and acceptance for gays for years and years should know better than to turn on its own ideals, expect acceptance from others when they themselves discriminate openly and shamelessly and even demand that their parades and flaunting be accepted by every other group in society, whenever the gay community feels like it. If this discrimination is accepted, then it must be accepted both ways, allowing “straight” bars the privilege of turning away gay people from their doors. This, in fact, is sure to result in serious security problems for Copenhagen night life.

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