… or anyone else, for that matter.

Some of our most recent posts and pages have highlighted a growing issue with police officers – mostly in the US, but other countries are seeing some of the same problems, on a much smaller scale. Fear has been allowed to fester in police officers, something which is mostly due to mismanagement, faulty recruitment practices and nearly non-existent education of police in the US.

Most recently, the officers responsible for shooting and killing a 12 year old child were not held accountable for that murder, with prosecutors citing a “perfect storm of human error”.

Let’s take a quick look.

  • 12 year old “brandishes” a softgun – a toy – around in a park. I.e. waving his favorite toy around, like a child.
  • An adult calls 911, instead of taking the toy away from the child, and informing the parents. The adult tells 911 that the gun is a fake.
  • Police arrive, draw real weapons. Approaches child. The child was not warned.
  • Police are too scared to talk to a child, and shoots the child to death over a toy.

Those are the facts. These officers weren’t caught in a “perfect storm of human error”, they were caught in an immobilizing fear, focused only on their own safety instead of protecting the lives of others and the obviously underaged minor in front of them.

The fear which what seems to be most US police officers carry with them to their place of work every day, makes them unfit to be police officers, prone to rash decisions and quick to use of weapons against unarmed women, children and men of any age, any race and any persuasion. This fear and cowardice in police officers who are only out to protect themselves over anyone else, instead of the other way around, has made the US police system a danger to anyone who encounters them.

Police in the US have killed hundreds and hundreds of people this year. Including a 12 year old child.

Do you know where your children are, or will you yourself be next?


  1. They didn’t kill hundreds and hundreds last year, but from personal experience, they seem to want nothing more than to pull the trigger, be it taser or gun.

    I was pulled over by the state patrol recently because my tags had expired two weeks earlier. My bad. He then found that my license was suspended. I had received no notice to that effect, and apparently state law doesn’t require them to provide notice.

    This was for a single, 7MPH over ticket (mind you that the speed trap was on a road in which they had illegally reduced the speed limit by 10MPH the prior week)

    Trooper was bad from the start. Ambiguous the entire time and was upset that I wanted him to specify why he pulled me over and what the next steps were. He didn’t like my questions, called in some sort of mall cop backup, and said he needs me to exit my vehicle. I ask “By need is that an order?” He opens his jacket, looks down and flashes his service weapon, and repeats “Sir, I NEED you to exit the vehicle”. I do, and suddenly I have a taser in my face and I’m being detained for “obstruction” because my questions were preventing him from doing his job.

    While sitting in the back of his vehicle, after having been read my MR, not arrested though, I hear him tell his supervisor and the rent-a-cop repeatedly about how he’s never seen someone lose it so quickly, as if I had gone insane. Never did I raise my voice, make a threat or use a profanity, just asked him clarification questions. Complete power trip. To top it off they made a show of ensuring my wife saw me cuffed in the back of the car, inferring again that I had gone nuts.

    He then tells me it is up to him to release me or not, inferring I needed to apologize. I didn’t, told him he was in the wrong and that he had no business enforcing the law. The response was priceless “I don’t know anything about the law, I got my education in the military” They then towed my car 3 miles and charged me nearly $400.

    I’m all for veterans preference, just not for a job that a radar gun and camera can do. The state patrol is no longer needed.

    • Police in the US killed 1,145 people in 2015 – 260 so far this year. In 2015, 226 of those people were completely unarmed. I.e. no bat, no gun, no knife, no “other”. I.e. not even wielding a Tonka toy. So the danger is definitely real – no matter what you do.
      One of the more worrying things we see, and which is proven more and more often, is that police officers will lie through their teeth and under oath to protect themselves and silence those who dare to ask questions and who hesitate to follow unlawful orders. We’ve recently had a couple of articles on personal body cams and “dash-cams” for your car – check them out. For now, recording all police encounters is the best way of defending yourself against things like this.
      The state patrol performs a lot of important services, and ATC might not be able to replace it for now, but you may very well be on to something.


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