Do…or die! Police Brutality and you…

There’s nothing quite like stupidity.
We’ve heard a lot of stories about so-called “police brutality” up through the years, and there’s certainly going to be more. The sad fact is that people take advantage of this. The term itself is almost dead, of course. It’s been thrown around so much that it’s all ragged and worn, ready to fall apart and its pieces buried in that pile of words and phrases that has lost their meaning. Can someone say “terrorism”…or “weapon of mass destruction“?

Anyway, we’ve all heard the story (well, most people anyway) of the boy who cried wolf. The lesson there is that if you scream about something enough times without good reason, then no one will believe you when something really is afoot. That lesson is one that a lot of people apparently haven’t learned. It might be a sensitive point, but when a woman screams “RAPE”! without actually having been violated, she is hurting every other female (or male, for that matter) that has actually been exposed to that horrendous crime. Just like that, every time someone claims that they have been exposed to police brutality without actually having a very good reason to say it, they are hurting everyone that has actually suffered under that rare but real situation.


Police Brutality?
Police Brutality?

The disturbing fact is that in at least nine out of every ten allegation of “police brutality” is false, made by individuals or sometimes groups that wishes to avoid prosecution, gain standing in their groups, PR or other shallow reasons.

There’s nothing excusable about falsely accusing someone, be it an individual or a group, of committing a crime or offense.

Even security guards and security officers are subject to these allegations from time to time, though the impact of accusing private security of these things is usually smaller and shorter lived. There are still quite a few examples of this happening. One incident is from just a month ago, in a European country, where a group of pro-Cuba/pro-communist group staged a small demonstration. After stalking around with sings for about 30 minutes, the group dispersed without incident or official involvement. Later, however, the group claimed that police and security officers had “chased them off”. That claim was rebuked by media and police, as video and images shows the pitiful demonstration tapering off into nothing by itself.

There should also be understanding for the fact that police and security forces are often hindered from defending themselves in order to protect procedural and operational secrets. That means that even if the claims go undisputed, there is usually a lot of information that would have shifted the view radically. Just as Phil Collins said – there’s always two sides to a story.

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  1. You are a nasty piece of work.
    I’m sure there is some reason for that, but we won’t delve into that…

    1. Hey there Joe Public. Maybe you should try and articulate (that means put into words) what the hell you’re talking about.

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