Accusing people of terrorism or terrorist connections is a popular “thing” nowadays. I, and more with me, get acid reflux every time the word is used – the “t-word”, I mean.

Okay, I may be relatively young, but even I have heard of McCarthy and his anti-communist crusade, the suffering and ramifications upon innocent American citizens it brought with him and the subsequent downfall of the man himself. What is his legacy? What is it we remember him by?
“Have you left no sense of decency, sir? At long last, have you left no sense of decency?”

The words will ring a bell with those who have bothered to read up on history.

Terrorism used to be such a strong word, such a feared concept and such an outrage to commit that every man, woman and child would be against you if you even came close. These days, the word has been watered down, applied to almost any low-level criminal that crosses the boundries of the law. It no longer has no meaning, it’s just a selection of sounds, petering out to nothingness every time it’s uttered, whether it be politicians, military or law enforcement that manages to squeeze it out of their throats.

Last on the terrorism watch list is Obama, it seems. Who the hell cares. He’s not a terrorist. Neither does he have terrorist friends. We all know that. Neither does McCain or Palin.

By the way, other news agencies also stooped to actually report on this load of assorted domesticated mammals’ manure.

I won’t even list the links, but CNN was among them. Oh the horror.



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