Christmas Gifts for Security Guys and Gals

There’s a whole world out there full of excellent Christmas gifts for everyone working in, or just interested in, security. We’ve picked out a few of our favorites, and we do think there’s something for everyone. Without further ado; the top ten security gifts (ah, in no particular order, really)!

10: AAS 600 Wireless Home Security Alarm System Kit DIY
The perfect gift for anyone who has a DIY’er in the house. Programmable everything, and 32 “defensive zones” – it’s even got a phone line tampering alarm, waking you up if someone cuts your hardline. Pretty neat.  Also, there’s enough pieces in there to tie anyone up for days on end.

German Style, baby!

9: Protected By ” German Shepherd Home Security System “

or everything from Great Danes to Chihuahuas. Cheap, and effective – a round of questions to burglars reveal that most of them don’t care a bit about your locks and bolts, or the local security company. What’s going to send them on to another house is the prospect of a dog – even the possibility of one lurking behind the door or window they’re trying to break through is enough. 

8: Don’t Touch My Junk!
While we’re generally for pat-downs and airport security practices, even we can admit that the TSA is just being too damn dumb to defend. This is the perfect way to state your intent loud and clear (aside from wearing just abikini through the checkpoint). Give one to yourself and one to your better half, and you guys can match! Yay!

7: Introduction to Security
The go-to guide for any security professional, this is also a part of the CPP curriculum. Anyone interested in a security career, this is the first step. And, it’s not that expensive… 

6: Spy Gear Spy Commando Bundle!
Maybe something for the young, aspiring security manager? This Spy Gear Bundle has a Lazer Tripwire, voice activated walkie-talkies, and lots more goodies. Also, just as #10 will keep the adult DIY’er out of your hair for just as long as you wish, this’ll keep the kids busy for just as long.

5: Transcend 500 GB 2.5-Inch USB 3.0 Military-Grade Shock Resistance Portable External Hard Drive
Just getting the name right should qualify you for a discount in our opinion, but this thing is just right if you work in unfriendly environments, and still need to take huge amounts of data with you, either backing up surveillance footage, still images of installations or even crime scenes. The new USB 3.0 makes sure that transfer times are well below what you’re used to. The price shouldn’t be scary either – all that for about 90 bucks (actually, a little less) isn’t bad at all. 

4: Rocky Flats Gear’s Radiation Blocker Trunks
While we like security around here, even dentists flee the room when there’s a picture to be taken, right? So for the x-ray operator, the TSA officer, the backscatter operator or even dentist… here’re the trunks that protect the family jewels from radiation. Don’t let anyone irradiate your privates! And they’re funny, too.

3: Pea Soup – Smoke Screen for the car!
We’d like to see the car thief who can see through the pea soup security system. Someone breaks in, and the car is filled with white, odorless smoke, making sure that nothing can be dismantled, and the car can’t be driven anywhere.  perfect for anyone that loves gadgets, cars and security. And who doesn’t, really?

2: A Kindle.
So what if it’s a little unimaginative – the Kindle is a beautiful thing. Read books anywhere, without lugging around the massive volumes you’re used to. Whether it’s the sixth edition of Security Analysis or Pride, Prejudice and Zombies (or maybe the sequel), this is awesome. 

1: The Ultimate Present.
Okay, so we did organize this list just a little bit. If you really want your up-and-coming security manager husband or wife or son or daughter to adore you for the rest of their lives, this is what you should give them. Sure, it’s a bit of money, but the value is about 18.000 USD per year in increased salary… which isn’t a bad investment. Check it out

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