CCTV Camera

CCTV Camera – which stands for Closed Circuit TeleVision – is a term that encompasses a lot of different security systems, solutions and technologies, and simply put describes any kind of camera that works on a closed circuit. That is to say that it doesn’t broadcast anything – a CCTV camera will send its images to a defined and often hard wired set of screens or recorders – often only one screen and one recorder, for that matter.

But, while a CCTV camera is a single unit, it can be part of a system that consists of hundreds or even thousands of CCTV cameras. While the corner store might only have one cctv camera, your average hotel or casino, or oil refinery, can have hundreds upon hundreds of different types of CCTV cameras. Where nigh time surveillance and monitoring is necessary, you might find cctv cameras with night vision built in, either with infra red (IR cameras) or low light capable optics. Any modern security system will employ CCTV cameras as part of their setup, but it’s usually up to the business or property in question to determine what kind of camera is necessary. There are also cameras that will employ more advanced techniques and technology, such as “pan tilt zoom” or PTZ functions, active motion sensors and facial recognition, though these systems tend to be more expensive, and more intense when it comes to operator training needs.

Choosing the right CCTV cameras

Whenever you’re setting up a security system, thorough planning should be the first step. After that, you should always mock up your plan, review, and plan again – nothing ever goes to plan the first time, and if you think it did, then there’s something you missed.

Choosing the cctv cameras that fit your need, doesn’t need to be difficult, however. There are a few bullet points you should think about when choosing, though.

  • Where am I setting up the camera? I.e. outdoors, indoors, dark, light, sunshine, shade, etc.
  • Does the camera need to be weatherproof?
  • Does the camera need to be tamper proof?
  • Do I need wireless capabilities, or will it be hard wired?
  • Do I need to be able to remote control the CCTV camera?
  • What is the budget?

For most of us, budget might be closer to the top of that list, but it has become less important as the price of technologies and ranges go down. Setting up a list of absolute necessary functions and features first, might be a good way of going about things, and looking for available options later. CCTV cameras in close to top range can mostly be had for a few hundred dollars, though there are still super advanced systems which will take you into the 4 and 5 figures – per camera.

Residential or small businesses can often also find pre-assembled packages containing everything needed to set up a CCTV camera system, at prices that fit most any budget.

We’ve written extensively about cameras, camera systems, CCTV cameras and closed circuit cameras in general here on SnallaBolaget, so check out both our home security category and our public security categories if you need more information. As always, Security is for Everyone, and remember that you can always comment or send us your questions by email, and we’ll try to answer as best we can!

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