Researchers at Rutgers University, the University of South Carolina, University of Washington and University of California San Diego proved that car ECUs are vulnerable, and can be hacked into via the wireless link from the car’s tire sensors – e.g. pressure sensors and various brake and temperature sensors.

Arstechnica writes;

“The tire pressure monitors are notable because they’re wireless, allowing attacks to be made from adjacent vehicles. The researchers used equipment costing $1,500, including radio sensors and special software, to eavesdrop on, and interfere with, two different tire pressure monitoring systems.”

Car Wheels - Firewall, anyone?
Car Wheels - Firewall, anyone?

Apparently, an attacker can hack into your car’s brain, and honk your horn. Or turn on your wipers. While that might be a nuisance, more worrying is their ability to disable brake systems or mess with your engine in other ways.

Some more here, from the H Security.



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