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There are a few things that you should always keep at hand when you’re driving around, even if you’re just popping over to the shops for your milk and bread, as it were. We’re going to make this a short series, and for this first installment, we’ve taken a closer look at the ResQMe tool. For those of you who are unaware of it, take a peek at it here.

To the casual observer, this might simply look like a tool for getting out of a car if you happen to get trapped in one after an accident, or to get into one when someone else is trapped after an accident. To be perfectly honest, this is probably the most perfect tool for the job. With an integrated blade to cut seatbelts, this is a 2-in-1 which not only offers even better value for money, but a wide range of further uses for the tool.

Rescue – for yourself or others

Getting into or out of a car can be surprisingly difficult. A quick YouTube search reveals that breaking a car window can be far more difficult than one would expect, even with tools. Be it hammers or nightsticks, car windows are essentially made not to break Рperhaps not too surprising in itself. The ResQMe tool uses a spring loaded spike to do the job, which is something that will work both with and without outside pressure Рe.g. under water.

Other uses

We’re going a little bit off the reservation here, as the saying goes, but a tool like this has a lot of uses. It’s small, it’s cheap, and it’s certainly not single use. So, this is something every security conscious person should carry about them wherever they go. So here’s a few pointers for the ResQMe tool:

  • Car windows. Be it your own or someone else’s. Road rage, anyone?
  • Regular windows. Be it a tactical entry or you’ve just forgotten your keys, this is better than a bulky flashlight.
  • Sabotage. Headlights, machinery, bulbs, screens, etc. All easily sabotaged.

You can probably find more for yourself , both for the spike and the blade. Take a look at the ResQMe tool here, and add it to your arsenal – ours are already on the way, and we’re sure you won’t regret it either.

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